First solid run today, smoking 4- 8lb butts for a festival tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by richiebro14, May 2, 2014.

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    To start, I have been working on a 250 gal propane tank/ reverse flow smoker.It is ready to cook! I've been cooking for years, catered a few weddings, managed a restaurant, but never cooked on a monster like this! My first run was just a small pork tenderloin, a deer backstrap, and a couple chicken breast....

    It was a success! All but the chicken but who cares about chicken right now? Pork was wonderful as well as the backstrap ( and I;m not a big fan of deer meat)

    SO.....I have 4 - 8lb butts to cook for my sisters job, a promotional festival for the vet clinic. I am excited to say the least! I plan to cook all day today so it will be ready by morning. I am taking the smoker down to the festival so I can run a fire for looks and smell. And to keep it warm......( I may just go ahead and cook my dinner while I'm at it)

    My question.... My smoker is running a constant 200 to 220 degrees when I stay on top of it. How long of a run should I expect?

    I am assuming 10-12 hrs 

    Cooling and reheating???

    Should I wrap it, put it in a cooler by itself and let it cool slowly? Or leave it on the stove in the kitchen to cool more rapidly?

    Should I pull it a little early and stick it back on the smoker early in the morning before the festival begins? (I am setting up at 7am and it starts at 8 but I'm certain nothing will sell till 10 so I have some time if needed)

    Any other input will be appreciated... Thanks!
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    200-220 is way low on butts.  I would expect well over 16 hours at that temp.  Can you crank the heat up higher?  Those butts can handle something in the 250-270 range.

    I would double foil the butts and wrap them in towels in a cooler.  Pull them around 8AM and hit with a finishing sauce.
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  3. richiebro14

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    I can get to 250 but 275 is harder to maintain. But... I do have ALL day to practice huh?

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  4. richiebro14

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    Turns out that 275 was easy to get to. Now just keeping it there will be the trick.

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