First Snack Sticks!

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  1. Today was the day to make my first snack sticks.  I used a recipe from Rich @ SMF.  Here's his recipe:

    5# Ground meat
    1 Tb Black Pepper
    1 Tbs Red Pepper flakes
    1/2 Tbs Cayenne pepper
    1 Tbs Whole mustard seed
    1 Tbs Crushed Fennel
    1 Tbs Crushed Anise
    1 Tbs Granulated Garlic
    1 Tbs Onion powder
    1 Tbs MSG (optional)
    1/2 Tbs Italian Seasoning
    1 teaspoon Cure 1
    4 teaspoons Kosher salt
    Mix all dry ingredients
    2 1/2 OZ Soy Sauce
    2 1/2 OZ Worcestershire Sauce
    4 OZ Very cold water

    I didn't use the MSG  because I didn't have it on hand.

    Forgot about taking the pictures of the mix and sticks before putting them into the smoker.  Sorry about that, I'll do better the next time.  This is the first time that I got to use my AMZNP tube smoker.  This thing is truly AMAZING.  It took 7 1/2 hours for the sticks to finish and the AMZNP tube smoker lasted exactly that amount of time.  I took out the wood chip trays and laid the tube along the left side with the lower vents wide open so it could get enough air.  Then I only lit the right side of the smoker and it worked out perfectly.  My only problem was that I had trouble getting the sticks up to an IT of 150 without taking the smoker up to 180.   I was worried that the fat in the sticks would render and make them a mess.  I used 80/20 hamburger.  Here's a pic of the smoker going and the TBS from the AMZNP tube.

     And last but not least, the plate of cooled, cut and ready for the fridge smoked snack sticks.

     I didn't know exactly how to cut them. What do the rest of you sausage makers do with the little curved bits where they were hung?  I ate quite a few of them :)  If anyone hasn't tried some type of sausage, don't hesitate.  It's fun and very rewarding.  Oh and Rich's recipe was fabulous!  I put high temp cheese in about 1/3 of the mix but got them mixed up when I cut them into sticks.  Oops.  But no problem, I like pleasant surprises.

    Thanks for allowing me to ramble on over this adventure in making snack sticks!
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  2. tropics

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    Nice job on the sticks,vac bag the little ends,you can give them away or eat them first.

  3. twoalpha

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    Awesome looking sticks. [​IMG]
  4. driedstick

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    Looks great,,,Yep eat them curved ones or vac pac them for apps at a game or the sort [​IMG]

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

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  5. boykjo

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    Nice sticks.................[​IMG]
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking sticks! With two boys the little end pieces don't last long around here!

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