First Snack Sticks on new MES smoker

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by johnnyb54, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. johnnyb54

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    Newbie here so please forgive my ignorance. I first posted my snack stick adventure today in the MES forum. A SmokingMeat forum member was kind enough to mention I would get more views if it was posted in the sausage forum. So not knowing how to move my original post I figured I would just post the below link to it. I hope you find it enjoyable. Thanks
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  2. reinhard

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    JohnnyB----That is a great thread you put on here.  Pictures, methods, and final product.  Fantastic looking sticks!! [​IMG]Reinhard
  3. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    J54, Nice looking sticks and nice post ! [​IMG]
  4. JohnnyB, thanks for posting this. Great looking sticks and you have given me some good ideas that i will be trying out this weekend. Thank you.
  5. Johnny, if that's your first run at it  Wow, looked like you have been doing this for years   Great Job  [​IMG]

  6. johnnyb54

    johnnyb54 Smoke Blower

    Gary thanks for looking. While this was my 1st time using the MES I have been cooking on Big Green Eggs for the last 11 years. I bought the MES just so I can make my sausage, jerky and bacon year round instead of just in the colder months. Trying to keep a Big Green Egg between 140-180 degrees is a real pain. It's possible but a rain pain.
  7. Yeah, I see the watt burners have a lot easier time, but so for on my bacon,Canadian bacon, and Butt bacon I have been able to maintain low temps pretty easy with my RF,  I'll no more when I start doing sausage

  8. ryno21

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    Fine Job! Looks Great  [​IMG]
  9. johnnyb54

    johnnyb54 Smoke Blower

    Ryno21, nice looking snack sticks in your Avatar.
  10. boykjo

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    I moved your post to the sausage forum.................[​IMG]
  11. johnnyb54

    johnnyb54 Smoke Blower

  12. awesome looking sticks... i need to get the smaller tube i think to do those. what mm was the colagen cases? I'm wondering if the 11/16" OD tube I have would support that or should I get the smaller tube.
  13. johnnyb54

    johnnyb54 Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the compliment on the snack sticks. The collegen casings were 21mm and the stuffing tube I used was a 3/8 ID diameter. This is the tube I use.
  14. ryno21

    ryno21 Fire Starter


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