First smokes on the new Yoder

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  1. I received my much-anticipated Yoder 640 last week, and couldn't wait to try it out.  I cranked it up to 350 for a couple hours to burn it out, and then let cool. Cleaned it out, oiled up the grates, and filled with Hickory pellets. (Yoder graciously included 2 20# bags with it!)  I think my MES is pouting:(

    First up: The 'Ol reliable Tri Tip-  Rubbed generously with EVOO & Jeff's rub with low sugar content, and since I wanted to see how much smoke flavor the Yoder would contribute w/o supplemental smoke (AMNPS), I set it at 225, pushed the button, and off she went in less than a minute.

    It took exactly 1.5 hrs to hit 135, so I pulled it and foiled for as long as I could stand it, then dug in.

    Absolutely mouth watering, tender and juicy.  It didn't really get as smoky as I prefer, but I like a pretty heavy smoke. I will use the AMNPS next time.

    Next up, some friends came over Saturday, wanting ribs, so I threw 3 racks on there with Mustard & Jeff's famous rub, and filled the AMNPS tube with Apple. Smoked at 225 for 3 hours, then into a pan with apple juice for another 2 hours.  Out of the pan, cranked it up to 275 and glazed them with sauce. Cooked another hour, and yanked them.  They were perfect, falling off the bone, and nice & smoky.

    Forgot to take pics of them cut up, the beer was getting warm, can't have that-  but as you can see in the next photo, the plate is empty, and we have a new BBQ  fan!!  Look at that smile!

    All in all, I'm extremely impressed with it, I will have to buy some pellets in bulk, though-

    Thanks for looking, Happy Smoking Everyone!!
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    Mbogo......  Great lookin' chow....   Dave

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