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Discussion in 'Pork' started by nittanyfans, May 1, 2016.

  1. nittanyfans

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    Today was the maiden voyage for my MES 30.

    I smoke a rack of St Loius Ribs, a pan of Mac and cheese, and a pan of bean.

    All in all everything came out pretty good. The ribs fell off the bone and the Mac and cheese was flat out awesome.

    I learned some things today about my smoker. For one I didn't realize I needed to fill the chips as often as I did.

    I started the ribs at 12:45, smoked them in Apple wood for 3 hours, wrapped them in foil then added Chef Jimmy J's foil sauce. At this time a pit the Mac and the beans in the smoker.

    I pulled the foiled ribs after 1 1/2 hours, basted them in sauce and back on the grill for another hour.

    For some reason maybe someone can explain my IT rib temp right out of the foil was 203 and after I put the ribs back in the smoker the temp fell to 175 over the next 15 min. For some reason I thought I needed a finished IT of 190. I pulled the ribs off at 180 because it had been an hour since I removed from the foil and I was afraid the ribs would dry out.

    Another question I have. I purchased the cold
    Smoker attachment for my MES. Can I use this will all my smokes just so I don't have to add chips as often.

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  2. chef jimmyj

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    Your meal looks great! My testing of Al's 195 IT method gave Bite Through Ribs with no foiling. When I want more Fall Off Ribs, I Foil and the IT goes higher, 200+ from steam generated. When you pull out of the foil, they are going to cool during handling. Additionally, adding sauce, even heated sauce, cools more as evapoation of the liquid in the sauce takes place. So a significant IT drop is normal. Al's 195 IT, is a Guideline that you have reached a desired temp for tender doneness...BUT...If you don't take them out and eat them or you make any changes, take out of Foil, Spritz/Baste, add BBQ Sauce, whatever, the IT is going to Drop. This is OK as they are still Done and there is no need to get back to or maintain that 195°F IT further. I can't answer how the generator will do but it seems like it should be fine as the Mailbox Mod works for hot or cold smoking...JJ
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  3. crazymoon

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    NF, good looking first smoke !
  4. smokinal

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    Great job for your first smoke!!

    Everything looks delicious!

  5. smokesontuesday

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    Nice looking first smoke.

    The cold smoke generator works great for hot smokes too.

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