first smoke or two...

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  1. Here are my first two batched of cheese!

    First of all big thank you to mr. TJOHNSON for helping me get this and my new thermometer on time. Ordered it tuesday morning in california had a tracking number before lunch time! to top it off I got everything I needed for the smoke that weekend with enough time to test out my new amazen smoker to boot! so here we go!

    this thing is so idiot proof it is borderline cheating


    The Victims:






    Time for a Nap!


    The color change on this batch wasn't as significant as I had anticipated but the flavor was seriously amazing. The following batch was also smoked for 2 hours but with this time with both ends of the smoker lit.

    Round two: Garlic, kosher salt and some snacks...


    look at that...



    The garlic was then oven roasted, and honestly couldn't tell any difference I need to try hot smoking them instead. The salt was used on some steaks and definitely didnt hurt!

    thanks for looking the first batch only managed to rest a week before being eaten but its so easy I might as well be making it fresh every few weeks.
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    Good looking cheese smoke -now the waiting begins 
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    What means this?
  4.  This means waiting for the cheese to mellow and improve in flavor, usually about 2 weeks.
  5. two weeks is up tomorrow on my first batch and its already almost completely gone! We have been using it for grilled cheese and cannot get enough of them haha.

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