First smoke on new WSM

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by pete6737, May 13, 2015.

  1. Hello all,
    First I'd like to thank everyone who posts in this site. I learned so much from you! I stepped up from a chargriller to a new WSM. I added a gasket kit, wheels, hinge and BBQ Guru.

    2am came early but it was well worth it. I fired up the chimney and soon I was watching the guru work its magic. At 3:20, it hit 225 and the pork butt rubbed with Jeffs rub was smoking away. I left the WSM, returning at 8:00 after some sleep and the WSM was at 225! I never had a grill hold its temp that long. I pulled the butt off to finish in the oven and out two slabs of ribs on. One was done with the 3-2-1 method and the other was just smoked until done in about5 hours. Both ribs tasted great. I thought that the 3-2-1 ribs were slightly over done, while the conventional method had a better bite.
    I had no issues with the cook due to learning from all the great advice here so Thank You!!
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  2. Here's another pic
    For some reason a pic with the full slabs would not load.
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    Nice 22.5"er! Sounds like a great smoke. You'll have a ball learning what all it can do at differect temps. Eat and enjoy!
  4. Thank you!!
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    I've found that my18.5 WSM seems to hold temp very well even without any Atc. I too upgraded from a Chargriller to the WSM. I have only added the seal
    Kit to the lid and door but I am for sure getting a hinge kit asap too. Can't believe I waited this long to go Weber!
  6. I also cannot believe that I fought fires for so long without a Weber. It's as close to set and forget as you can get. I can't wait for my next cook

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