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Discussion in 'Beef' started by vmart, Nov 25, 2014.

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    Got to smoke for the very first time and of course I choose the hardest meat to smoke (according to some posts). Smoked a 6.5lb brisket flat. Maintained the temp between 230-240 and used mesquite chips. Brought it up to 150 fat side up and then wrapped in foil to be put back until 203. Came out a little on the dry side. Injected with beef stock and put rub on it night before. Any suggestions to making it not so dry?[​IMG]
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    Start to tooth pick it at 190 for doneness. I think you just went too high an internal temp and dried it out........... I pan and foil my (pan) brisket at 160 and take it to 190. Never had a dry one.
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    If so how did it turn out and if that Q-View was your Brisket , then it looks great , [​IMG]

    Good job , eep it up and have a great Thanksgiving...

    Have a great Thanksgiving , and . . .
  5. As said above use the tooth pick test to see when it is done. Most will be done around 190° or so.

    Happy smoken.

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    It was mine. Thanks! The flavor were great. I was expecting it to be more moist and tender. Reading the tips from everyone here should help me out next time. Thank you all! I'll let you know how my next one comes out.
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    Would I get the same result or better if I take the meat at the stalling point from the smoker and put in my oven at 240? Would this be the same for all other meats? Thanks in advance
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    Same results.   You basically have four options with "the stall".   You can:  1. wrap with foil or butcher paper; 2. crank up the heat to power through it; 3. crack open a beer and just wait it out, or 4. some combination  of 1, 2 and/or 3.  Should also mention that you can avoid the stall entirely by cooking at a higher temp from the beginning.
  9. Good imformation. thanks.

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