First reverse sear on the pellet smoker/grill

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  1. Well, I was originally going to have some smoked salmon for dinner today (smoked two large fillets this morning after brining over night), but this forum ruined my plans!

    I stumbled into Red's reverse sear ribeyes post

    Now, I have never tried a reverse sear steak - in fact, the first I every heard of it was on this forum!

    So, I ran down to the store and picked up a couple of good looking ribeyes around noon and put some Olive Oil and some Doc Kendrick's Garlic Game Rub (Garlic, coarse salt, coarse black pepper, celery salt and a few other things) on them, wrapped them in plastic and put them into the fridge for 3 hours.

    Here is how they looked coming out of the fridge

    Filled my Memphis Elite Pellet pit with a Mesquite/Red-Oak pellet mix and set it to 225.

    About an hour later - I had reached an internal temp of 125 (wife likes it rare) and I pulled the ribeyes and...

    Ribeyes at 125

    Pulled out the normal smoking/cooking baffle (above the pellet fire box) and switched in the open flame baffle.

    I cranked the unit up to what they call "OF-2" (Open flame-level 2) which gives good flames and is about 800 degrees!  it took only 8 minutes to get good and hot (probably not up to 800, but plenty hot to sear)

    Put the ribeyes on for 1.5 minutes per side

    Pulled them off - nice grill marks, good sear.

    Had some tater tots going in the oven - and here is the money shot.

    They ended up medium rare, very moist, nice mesquite flavor and incredibly tender! The wife was very happy!

    I'm hooked.  I've done a lot of smoking, but never was that good at getting steaks right on the grill.  This worked great.  I foresee many more steaks in my future!

  2. Looks really good man!  [​IMG]    & yup - I bet you do a lot more reverse sear steaks now that you've tasted one  [​IMG]
  3. seenred

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    Those look delicious, Dave! Love that money shot! Nice sear on those...and looks like they're cooked to the perfect doneness. Nicely done!

  4. disco

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    That is a steak to brag about. Well done!

  5. Thanks - yup, there are plenty more reverse sears in my future.
    Thanks Red - and thanks for your earlier post which inspired me.
    Unfortunetly it WAS a steak to bag about - all gone now!  Thanks
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