First pork butt smoke.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by redrocker65200, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. 7 pound butt coated with mustard and then rubbed with recipe i got from chefjj. Going into the fridge until tomorrow morning. Will hit the smoker about 6 or so with the hope it will be done for dinner. Going to use a method i saw here. I think it was posted by bear. Stay tuned. Pics to follow.
  2. Good luck! My first pulled pork attempt was disasterous to the say the least.
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    Good luck!
  4. My hope is that all my studying of the pro's on this site will lead me to a victory.
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    Make sure to leave enough time. Don't plan on having it at a specific time for dinner. Plan on having dinner when it's done. I use a MES and it always seems to take longer than I anticipate. Here is the first butt I did a couple weeks ago. Turned out delicious but patience was paramount.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I am loosely going off a poat i saw here but going to give myself an extra hour or so. If worse comes to worse i will finish it in the oven.

    The pics look really good.
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    Good luck!

  8. Also. I like to take butt out of fridge at least an hr before smoking. 2 hrs is even better. Closer to room temp the better. It reaches temp quicker and you get a better product at the end.
    Do the same thing when grilling or cooking steaks.
  9. Lol. I just saw this. It sat on the counter for maybe 30 minutes. Guess the extra hour or so i allowed myself might come into play now. Lol. So far so good. Smoker is sitting at about 220. Per the post i read i will check the temp of the meat in another couple of hours and bump up the temp to 240. Take it to about 165 IT, foil and bump up the temp again to 260. Pull at IT of 205 or so. Rest for a bit, have a cold beer and then pull and hope it worked out.
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    Lol, mine too but the second one was great. Just be patient with it rocket, Give yourself plenty of time.
  11. If you on plan on foiling at 165. Which is what I normally do. Just put like half can of good light beer in there. Triple foil. Put on baking dish so no liquid falls out foil and finish at 250 in oven. Way easier for temp control. It should only take like 3 or 4 hrs reach around 200. Rest for at least an hr. Then pull. Good luck! Post pics!
  12. Thanks. I was going to use an aluminum pan and foil over that. Light beer? I was going to go with apple juice. But i like your idea too.

    Might do the oven thing for temp control like you say. My propane smoker is having problems holding temp.
  13. I've done both apple juice and beer. Kind of been doing beer lately because it makes it less sweet. You can do the pan. But I just put the butt on foil. Push up sides. Add liquid. Then wrap up. Then wrap again with foil. And then wrap one last time. You could then put the foiled butt on a lipped baking sheet then oven. Sometimes the foil leaks. That's why I always put it on a sheet.

  14. I did these 3 this past sunday. 7 hrs to get to 165. Then all wrapped in beer and finish in oven. Once wrapped it takes no more smoke anyways. Why waste the wood.


    Then stuff face. Repeat. Then sleep. Ha ha.
  15. Hey. Those look good.
  16. OK. Been in since 645. Checked IT and it is at 131. Bumped up the heat to 240ish. Lol. Now we wait for an internal temp of 165 then in the oven it goes. Gonna try a pic or two.
  17. Just noticed. Not much I need the pan below. Not sure if that is good or bad.
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    D thats looking good so far.

  19. Thanks Richie. Heres to hoping it turns out ok. Hate to waste 13.00. Lol.
  20. Need a pros opinion. My instructions say to bump up the heat from 220 to 240. But my internal temp is climbing about 10 degrees an hour. I went from 131 @11am to 143 @noon. I dont want to get done too early but i do want to make sure i go with the tried and tested method. I am still going to put it in the oven at 165. I guess i should go with the instructions and if it gets done too early i can wrap it up and put it in a cooler.

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