First Packer Brisket!! witih q-view

Discussion in 'Beef' started by stlsmoker85, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Bought an 11.7lb brisket at Kroger...

    Applied Jeff's Rub...then put in at 225, with a combo of cherry and pecan wood chips in a MES40.

    Put beans in to catch the drippings!

    After 5 hours, wrapped at 165, put in a can of beef broth

    Can't freaking wait for it to get to 190! Burnt ends are happening as well. More pics to follow
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  2. daveomak

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    Looks mighty good..... Thumbs Up
  3. Hey all, new here, attempting to smoke a brisket for the first time.
    Using lump charcoal and hickory. 10 pounder, been on for 4 hours, and seems to be "stalling" in the low-mid 130's. From what I've read, stalls normally happen at around 160.
    Any info or advice appreciated!
  4. aggie94

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    It does look good, you're more dedicated than I am!  I have never gotten up in the middle of the night to start a smoke.  Of course sometimes I'm the only one awake a 1am when it is finally ready.
  5. This baby is cruising along. IT of 183 after 7.5 hours. Planning to take to 198ish, rest for about .5hours, then separate the point for burnt ends.

    Oh and I added in some ribs for the hell of it.

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    Wow looks great! Love burnt ends they are like meat heaven
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    Looks like everything's going as planned!

    Haven't tried Jeff's Rub on a brisket. Can't wait for the sliced pics [​IMG]
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    That's not uncommon, just roll with it!
  9. Took 9 hours to get the 12lb'er to 195. I munched at the burnt ends before they were actually burnt ends. Pretty damn good. They have about 1.5hrs to go, and at that point the flat will have rested for about 2 hours in the oven in foil

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  11. The food turned out amazing...Brisket, burnt ends, beans, and ribs...#murica

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  13. Thanks! I was pretty damn happy with everything. I don't think I could ever make a brisket without doing burnt ends...they are just too good!
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    Burnt ends are amazing. They work great in a chili or to make hash!
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    Nice looking buffet!:drool
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    looks like good eats!

    Happy Smoking

    phatbac (Aaron)
  18. [​IMG]
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    Great job smoking all that at once!

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