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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by euromir, May 17, 2015.

  1. euromir

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    So following my intro last week and my UDS build, i had friends over this weekend and it was first ever try with the smoker (and advice i got from this forum of course!).

    For first attempt the main smoke was a whole chicken, as keeping it cheap and simple in case it all went belly up! And i love chicken anyhow, we also threw a few burgers and drumsticks on to for good measure!

    I also brined the chicken for 5hrs in just a simple salt only solution, never ever brined before either so smoking and brining was a all new experience. Because it was the first ever smoke i choose not to use any rubs, herbs, spices or extra flavours. Merely a naked chicken get a smoking using heat-beads charcoal and hickory chunks.

    Well, what can i say.. Amazing! Maybe i had beginners luck as had no issues at all really, temperature was virtually stable once i had got the intake down to just one hole (My BP kit has 8 holes available)  fluctuating just 2-5 degrees and we was cooking around 270-275f.

    With kind loan of Maverick from Wade (thank you) i didn't open the lid once and left it be, with the chicken taking about 2.5hrs i think it was, in hindsight maybe a little lower and slower may be good, but turned out great.

    Quite possibly the greatest piece of chicken i have eaten for years! Very strong smokey taste and flavour, was quite surprised to be honest how smoky it tasted, wonderful.

    Was totally amazed even by the basic shop bought burgers too, they cooked quickly in about 30min and i thought such a short cook/smoke meant they wouldn't be any different to frying them etc, but WOW how wrong.. They tasted divine and smoky, and even had a slight smoke ring to the meat, amazed for only 30min in the UDS smoking.

    So not sure if it was all beginners luck or what, but all went super well. Minion method worked great, heat was stable and ideal range (after vent adjusting) the hickory chunks smoked lovely with a light smoke coming out the vents, and the fire went out and temperature dropped as soon as all vent closed up at the end of the cook, super happy with my UDS. Next weekend, who knows....haha

    Some pictures from my first ever smoke.....


    UDS ready for action..

    Minion method setup (kind of, need a metal tin for centre etc)

    Hot coals all greyed up in the chimney starter, in they went to centre of basket!

    Lovely smelling whisps of smoke from the top vent.

    Unbelievably stable temperatures, chuffed to bits. (Time to get the bird outta there!)

    Out she comes (looks somewhat lonely!)

    Absolutely spot on !

    After friend had robbed the skin!

    Also threw some basic shop burgers on, amazed how smoky they tasted, and slight smoke ring on them... gorgeous
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  2. WELL DONE!!!!  Hickory is a strong wood smoke.  Other woods will give you different flavours and different amounts of smokey taste.  The UDS is a great smoker and the temps are usually easy to control.  Glad all turned out great for you.  You are hooked now brother!  Now you are going to start looking around for something to smoke.  Why do you think folks are smoking salt, nuts, lettuce etc.etc..  Have fun.  Keep Smokin!

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  3. wade

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    Great first attempt Lee. the important thing is the temperature control and it looks like you have got that nailed already. Both burger and chicken look good - what is the sauce on the burgar? Mayo?

    A variation you may want to try with the chicken is to open it up on a beer-can chicken roaster in the UDS. Also did you wrap it in foil and let it rest for 30 minutes or so after it was smoked?

    Looking forward to your next Q-view. Ribs would be a good next step forward as they only take 6 hours. Go into Wilkes and ask for some meaty ribs - the same as they supply to Wade. After that I can see there being a regular pork shoulder or brisket in that UDS.


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  4. euromir

    euromir Fire Starter

    I went with Hickory deliberately as i like a good smoky taste, and worked a treat!

    Wade, i did let it rest for about 20min, but not with foil on, ill make a note of that! Afraid the sauce was plain ol Heinz ketchup. Must admit i not a very adventurous eater, and most of my food will be fairly plain blandish sauces and rubs..I like to taste of the meat, not the additives, but will try some simpler rubs etc later. Also look at methods of cooking, i did consider beer-can and/or spatchcock but decided to keep it simple for first smoke, and to be fair i was hosting guests and trying to keep simple.

    I got two freezers full of food, so probably get smoking some of that, no ribs, briskets of anything special but everything is good practise.
  5. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Incredible results first time out of the gate! Congrats and hope all your future smokes turn out as well!
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  6. euromir

    euromir Fire Starter

    Only thing maybe needs more learning is the amount of charcoal etc to use, Not wanting to have too little, i used a whole 7kg bag of heat-beads in the basket (and several wood chunks), i noticed this morning that 60-70% of it is still virtually unused in the basket. Thankfully the UDS damped down great with the vents closed up, so i can reuse it i assume? Will fire it up one evening after work and cook up some bits for sandwiches etc!

    Charcoal and hickory left this morning:

  7. Yeah Lee, get rid of the ash and fire it up again.  The amount of charcoal is always iffey.  You can always reuse it so long as it kept dry.  Keep Smokin!

  8. smokin monkey

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    Great first cook Lee! Chicken looked great. A bit of smoke on a shop bought burger makes all the difference!

    Nice Pork Tenderloin, lightly rubbed and smoked, great for Sandwiches!

    Smokin Monkey
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  9. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    [​IMG]  Just shake out the ash, keep it dry and use it it in the starter next time. You will be surprised just how long the Heat Beads last. Their slow controlled burn rate would also have helped you with your temperature management.
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  10. mike5051

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    Nice job! Is the white stuff cheese on the burger?  I've never smoked burgers before, but think I will give it a try.

  11. euromir

    euromir Fire Starter

    Yes just slice of cheddar
  12. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    EM, Nice first smoke and as the others have stated you will be hooked on smoking !
  13. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Excellent looking bird you have there,

    Now that you have tried Hickory try experimenting with other woods and you will get a taste of what flavour compliments what meat.  I am a big fan of Oak & Apple, where Danny goes with Mesquite & Pecan.  Everyone has their own favourites, the fun is experimenting with different woods and discovering what you prefer.

    Keep up the good work.
  14. disco

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    Way better than my first effort. Congratulations.


  15. bdskelly

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    First let me say that you have a wonderful build on that smoker. I am envious!

    Secondly the chicken looks scrumptious!  Well done. And given this was your first cook I'd say you are very well on your way to being a smoking chef 

    Well done!



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