First Chicken...First A-MAZE-N smoke

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by davidmc4, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Having found success with the pulled pork, I decided to move on to chicken. I bought two whole chickens at Costo, washed them, cut them in half, seasoned them and put them in my MES 40" along with Todd's A-MAZE-N smoker. I used cherry dust and currently a TBS is wafting out of the half-open vent. My mouth is watering already. Of course, q-views will follow!!!![​IMG]
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    Sounds great David,

    Bring on the Qview[​IMG]
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    Well, We're Waiting!

    OOPS....You're on West Coast Time....Sorry!

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  4. I had a little trouble with this one.... first off, I thought the a-maze-n smoker was lit, and I saw the smoke, but when I checked a couple of hours later, it had gone out - bummer. I re-lit it and got plenty of smoke. I left the center row empty, and when the birds reached temp, I pulled them, only to discover that the other two rows of dust were untouched by fire. So, my question is, do I just wait a few hours and then go and light the other end? I had (incorrectly) assumed that the common wall between the second and third/fourth row would ignite as the first row made its turn... didn't happen. A little advice would be helpful here, as I plan on smoking again in a couple of days. Thanks!
  5. And now the rest of the story.... Though I had some trouble with my a-maze-n smoker, the bird was absurd... absurdly delicious that is.... My daughter wanted to know why I have been holding out on her all these years.... we are now talking smoked chicken salad, smoked chicken tacos, smoked chicken ice cream, smoked chicken dipped in chocolate... Someone stop me, I need help!

    Hose me down!!!!!     YUM!!!! [​IMG]
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    Hey Dave,

    Since chickens smoke so fast, most guys light the 1st and last rows.  This should give you about 4 hours of good smoke.  Keeping the middle row empty will keep the rows from jumping at high heat.

    Are you using water in the pan?  If so, excess humidity can keep the AMNS from burning well.  Also, try pulling the chip pan out about 1 1/2", and maybe pull the chip loader out part way.  This will give a little better air flow in your MES.  It's trial and error to dial it in.

    Chicken looks good!

    I absolutely HATE left over chicken, and refuse to eat it.  Then one day I made some "Smoked Chicken Salad" out of it and added some red grapes and chopped candied almonds.  I now LOVE left over chicken!

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    I like a lot of smoke so I would light both ends at once. Sometimes I light the middle too.
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    Good job on the chicken David.  My first smoke in my MES 40 included chicken, and was done with my AMNS.  First time I filled the center row, and it burned up rather quickly.  I reloaded, left the center row empty, and lit both ends.  Delicious chicken!  

    I just used my new AMNPS the other day -- so glad I got one!  It produces great smoke, and the design and pellets are made for a hot smoke.  It's the way to go!  I'm a raving fan now!!!

    Todd beat me to the punch on the chicken salad.  Found that by accident as well a few years ago.  Now, whenever I smoke chicken I do extra just to make chicken salad.  I use s combo of mayo and sour cream, add some "goodies" (it varies -- onion, celery, raisins, grapes, sun flower seeds).  The creaminess and the smoky flavor are hard to beat.

    Great post -- looks like you are enjoying your MES -- good for you!
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    [​IMG]  looks good
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    Todd has you covered.  It is easy on any smoker to forget how oxygen depleted a pit can become.  Even with the offsets, the fire consumes high amounts of oxygen.  I leave my intake vents open a little more when using the AMNS, and everything works great.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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