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  1. Looking Good

  2. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    Thanks Gary

    Got the smoke stack welded in and the cooking rack slides. cut the tubing and round bar for the cooking racks now I have 108 holes to drill for the 3/8" SS round to slide in then I can put the frame together and weld up.

    Got a question on the RF plate is it ok to raise it up a little from the firebox plate no more than two inches. I got some 3x3 angle that I was going to run down the center then weld in two peices of plate from it to the to the CC the V will be for drain.

  3. That will be fine,  I have the same grates on my Grill

  4. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    Lower cooking rack drilled and put together. need to clamp it up and take to work tomorrow to Tig. Tomorrow cut bar for top rack and drill the tube only 54 more holes to drill. then start work on the reverse flow plate hope to have that welded in Saturday. 

    Here is what the cooking rack looks like its all 304 stainless.

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  5. Nice Job  Looks Great,  

    Let me send you my grate dimensions 

  6. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    Thanks Gary

    It has been a lot of work but for my first build i'm happy so far. Maybe Sunday I'll build the first test fire. Already planning the next project a Argentine style grill that should be a fun build also. Send me your dimensions hope you have deep pockets LOL. 
  7. Be looking forward to it,    No deep pockets here

  8. gunkle

    gunkle Meat Mopper

    That's coming along great.
  9. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    Thank you Gunkle 

    Got the top grate made. Didn't weld the lower yet will take both to work tomorrow and weld. Decided to make a change on the RF plate going to use a full plate instead of the angle with two smaller plates on each side so I will take the plte in and put a small bend in it on the press. Get that done tomorrow and I'll just have handles and latches to do and it will be test fire time.

    here is both cooking grates.

  10. Nice job on those grates 

  11. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    Thank you Gary, 

    I got to thank everyone who has posted prior builld and all the advice that have been given.Can't tell you how many hours I have spent looking at builds and reading all the postThis is a great site for everyone wanting to do their own build.

    Thank you everyone!!!!   
  12. tigerregis

    tigerregis Meat Mopper

    One of the nicest builds I've seen on this site. I'd be proud if I could make something half as good as yours. Congrats on this build.
  13. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Those grates look great. (Pun intended). They should be much easier to keep clean than expanded metal. And the stainless will last forever. After all, it's only money!!! You should be proud of your build, that cooker is looking very, very nice. Joe
  14. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    Thanks tigerregis I do have to say there are some really nice builds out there.

    Thanks Joe,

    I think I have less than 80.00 in the material for the grates.

    Got the RF plate welded in today and the CC handle made. Since I'm a helicopter guy I'm going to make two rotor blades to put on the end of the handle. Put a latch on the firebox door but not liking it it doesn't have a positive lock to it so going to do some searching for something else or make a latch. All the welding on the RF plate tweaked to tank and my CC door needs some work now. will go to harbor freight tomorrow for some 3/4'' bar clamps. got some 3'' SS springs handles coming from KCK should have them this week will use those on the intake slides. Didn't get to build a fire today but thats ok still on target for the end of the month to be done. Still have to pick up a ball valve for the RF plate drain. I think now with the weight of the RF plate and the cooking grates I no longer need my two barbell weights to offset the firebox. 

    Here is some pics of todays progress   

  15. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Still lookin good. When you go to Harbor Freight, they may have the FB door latch that you're looking for. If not, do you have Northern Tool or Tractor Supply? Those are also good for misc. stuff of all kinds. Good luck, Joe
  16. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    Thanks Joe,

    I have all them Tractor supply is accross the street from northern and HF is about 4 miles from the house. I have looked for the latches before at HF saw someone on here before say they got theirs from there. Must have over looked will check again. 
  17. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    More progress got the upper intake drilled I put two 1 5/8th holes. got the handles on the lower intakes just welded a 3/8th nut to the slide a used a 3'' SS bolt and a 3'' SS spring handle wanted them to be removable. I also took two wing nuts and some 3/8th all thread and made some little tabs to secure the ash pan. Also got the drain welded in I got a 1 1/4'' ball valve.

    Even Aliens want some Q

  18. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter

    Made new CC door stops just used some 1/2" sq. bar its not the best but ir looks better than the 2" sq. tube i had. Also got the spring handle on the upper intake vent. New firebox latch from bbq smoker mods should be here Saturday. I am finally going to take my cooking grate to work tomorrow to Tig them. So if the Moon and stars allign for me we will be making fire to do the test run. Sure do hope this smoker works. The only thing I could have done different is made the CC to FB opening bigger. its 66sqin.

  19. rotor head

    rotor head Fire Starter


    Did my first test run just now started at noon till 2 and I could not be happier. I did one chimmney of kingsford got it to white ash dumped it in the charcoal basket put it in the firebox 15 minutes later temp was up in the CC add some splits ok oak got smoke real fast closed the intakes down to a little less than half opened up the upper intake about 5 minutes after light smoke and help 225-230 on the left side and 240-245 on the right side ran it one hour added another split and light smoke and temp help. It was great to see it work so well. Still have to weld my grates up but I wil get that done this week. I'm going to try some ribs saturday. Then i'll take to get sandblasted and powdercoated or creakote. Oh I still have to build the work shelf I'll get that done this week.

    Thanks everyone who have posted builds and everyone else that have no problem giving advise and sharing their knowledge you all age great. Thanks again. now some pics.

    At two hours holding steady (this is the left side)

    Holding a nice steady burn 

    The firebox side at two hours. 

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  20. rmmurray

    rmmurray Master of the Pit

    Wow, that thing looks amazing!
    MEGA :points1:
    - Ryan

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