First build-24 gallon patio reverse flow smoker

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by dunzee, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Thanks everyone for your wealth of knowledge. Thanks Dave for your calculations. I was able to find two steel tanks we use in the milking industry. They are small (14" diameter x 36" long) giving me 24 gallons. My thoughts were to cut one in half for my FB and that would give me 150% of the required FB size. Like Dave says, if building small, double some of the sizes.
    I have 5542 cubic inches of CC and 2770 cubic inches of FB. My thoughts were to cut into the CC about 4" high underneath the RF baffle since it doesn't leave me much room to cook afterwards if I go too high into the CC. According to Dave's calculator, that should be big enough so not to overheat the FB. Keeping with the oversized dimensions for smaller RF smokers, I am planning to use a 3.5" stack about 25" long, to help evacuate the flow. My worry is this smoker is long and lean and I hope it will work. Thoughts?
  2. Turns out my tanks were galvanized, so no go. Back to the drawing board.
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    Better safe than sorry; good call.
  4. Dunzee, Are they Galvanized inside and out ? IF only galvy on the outside it should not matter. Afew tanks I've used were galvy on the outside, and when I finished and had the smoker sandblasted for painting it removed the galvy from the outside anyway.

  5. Thanks for the tip Mike but unfortunately they are galvanized inside and out. Thumbs Up
  6. Bummer, I figured if they had something to do with milk it woulden't be on the inside,but then again, galvy is only bad when heated!!


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