First Attempt at Smoking

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  1. smokin sid

    smokin sid Smoke Blower

    Greetings Everyone!

      I chose for my first smoke, The Bacon Candy recipe from the weekly SMF newsletter.

    I wanted something simple to smoke and since bacon is already cured and who dosen't love

    bacon, plus there are only a very few ingredients involved I thought this recipe would be perfect to start my smoking experience.

       I got some experience on how to control the temp and felt more at ease using the smoker.

    I now will use a mix of dry & wet chips. I also journal while smoking, to record the process to

    see where I might make a change the next time I smoke meat.

      This is so much fun. My husband asked me when am I going to smoke a brisket ?

    I am thinkin chicken next .          

       Thank you for this forum.

                                                                                                 Happy Smokin

                                                                                                    Smokin Sid
  2. Sid

    Chicken is a good place to practice. It can take the temp swings with no problem It is also cheap and tasty.

    Happy smoken.


    PS [​IMG]

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