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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by smoking shawn86, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. I need a little help at making my first sausage.I need to know how much meat to fat ratio,from what I read using a pork butt has the correct meat to fat ratio is this true.I don't have an exact recipe I'm going to use but I'm open for suggestions
  2. No it ain't necessarily true, if all the fat has been trimmed off the butt and it ain't well marbled it sure ain't ideal.

    What kind of sausage do you like?

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  3. so ms smoker

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      Hi Shawn. I would think 25 % fat should be plenty. You will have to try a few and see what your preference is. Make good notes so you will know what changes to make next time!

  4. I have found that pork butts have about the right amount of fat to make a wonderful sausage . I just grind em as they are . Best sausage you'll ever eat !
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  5. I don't have a real preference,I haven't had all that much sausage to tell you what I like. I know I like hot,savory,tasty sausage.I'm willing to try almost anything that doesn't have organ meat or blood in it.
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    Brats are a good start or even spicey Italian sausage. Be carefull though its addicting. My wife got me a sausage stuffer for our anniversary [​IMG]. Don't forget to post pics!!!
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    I agree with using the pork butts. I'm no expert but the last 2 batches I made I bought as close to 10 pound butts as possible. After deboning I added a little fat to make and even 10 pounds ground out. I've tried several "home made recipes and some others off the net but have had my best sausages from A/C Leggs mixes. There are very reasonable priced thru columbia spice. Still working on my own tweeking my own stuff. I definitally prefer my own now over store bought. Good luck It's addicing!
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    Couldn't have said it any better........[​IMG] just added  a point  to a newcomer......[​IMG]

  9. I find about 15-20% works great. i have also used wild hog. It is very lean.

    Happy smoken.

  10. SOMEONE THROW ME SO ADVICE!!!!!!!!! I want to pick up my grinder and trow it.Ever few seconds I have to clean the plate,the plate keeps getting clogged what I think are tendinitis

  11. be sure your plate nut is really tight . make sure your knives are sharp . Meat grinds best when it is almost partially frozen . keep your meat very cold . Many times I bone out my butts and freeze in 5 lb ziplocks. when I'm ready to make sausage I thaw but grind when the meat is still stiff.
  12. does your grind plate still get clogged?
  13. so ms smoker

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      You do have to take out any silverskin as you cut up the meat. That is probably what is clogging your grinder. And as above, grind the meat while nearly frozen. Keep your equipment cold also.

  14. so you say if I chill the meat and keep my knifes sharp the silver skin want be a problem.It look my forever to grind 6 1/2lbs of pork butt I had to stop ever few turns to clean my plate because the silver skin was raping around the knife and clogging the plate
  15. Cube the meat into small cubes.

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    What grinder are you using. Make, model, hp or wattage. If you are just grinding butt it should not clogg up. Clean the unit and restart. As Dig has said cut the meat into small pieces about 1 inch. Try chilling the meat. If the grinder is new it should already have a sharp knife. When assembling the grinder lube the back of the screw with some pam. Insert the screw into the grinder housing. Install the star blade or knife.and spray some pam on the knife. Install the plate over the knife,make sure the notch is aligned and install the threaded ring and tighten it pretty snug. I tighten them as tight as I can get it by hand. If you still have problems I would look for somehing wrong with the grinder.... How about some pics.......
    and what dave said below
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    Shawn, evening......   Make sure the sharp edge of the knife is against the perforated plate.....  Me along with others have put the knife in backwards at least once......   Check to make sure all the washer/spacers are in...  when you tighten the big nut that holds all the stuff together, plate, knife, auger, etc......  the knife edges should be up tight against the grinding plate, or something is missing....   I did post how I sharpen my knives and plates.....  I'll find it.....   Dave
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  18. Here are some pics maybe something might stand out at you

    Weston #32 manual meat grinder

  19. here are some pics after my ordeal.the end product was really good but the texture wasn't what I was use to, it didn't resemble commercial sausage

    Had to switch to my stuffer I was to sure If was going to keep it.I guess my grinder also stuffs sausage but it didn't work out all that great ether.My stuffer was a pain in my you know what. I want to be able to stuff by my self but I had to have some help it took all of my power to operate the plunger.

     the end result was tasty, cast iron lost but not for gotten

  20. Looks pretty good from here! What about the texture didn't you like? Too coarse? Just trying to get some more details and hopefully help you out. 

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