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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by jwalker724, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Bought a Brinkmann Offset Smoker & Grill about a month ago. Used it for smoking babybacks two weeks ago and though the ribs turned out great the firebox got so hot that the paint peeled off the bottom of the firebox and the door assembly. I added the recommended amount of charcoal along with chunks of wood. But I think the coals may of got on the sides and the bottom of the firebox and maybe this caused it to get too hot. Well I took it back to Home Depot and they exchanged it and I plan to use charcoal basket this time. But are there any other modifications that I can use to prevent this from happening again?


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    you can link it with concrete board or firebrick.
  3. The flaking is a result of a poorly applied and cured --  or improper -- paint coating, not excess heat. The side firebox on an offset smoker needs to be able to get HOT, like 700F hot. Steel thickness has a lot to do with it, but you can't change that. Just scrub off the flaking stuff and respray with Rustoleum Semi-Gloss Black BBQ Paint. After it has dried/cured for a couple of days in the sun, spray it liberally with aerosol cooking spray and gently wipe it into the surface. On your next cook it will cure into a nice patina. Keep a couple of cans of the Rustoleum handy for periodic firebox touch-ups.
  4. Are you talkinf about the same concrete board they use for Tile backing, such as Durorock? 
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    I would try using a piece of heavier expanded metal. Cut it the length & width of your firebox. But 3" up from the bottom. That way the fire would be able to breathe and your ashes would be able to fall down below.
    You could maybe use cardboard as a template.
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    Returned the used grill to Home Depot and got another one. Also purchased 24"x 24" expanded metal sheet to make my own charcoal basket. Gonna give this idea try this weekend. Wish me luck[​IMG]
  8. For those folks that use the firebox's existing lower grate to set your charcoal box on, I recommend using bolts to lift the grate up some off the bottom. I gives much better air flow and a lot more room for ash accumulation.

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    You want the air coming up from under the fuel....
  10. I just plan on pitting the bolts on eh bottom of my current firebox. Good Idea. I do not even use the bottom grate. 
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    I have the offset mini brinkman...they are pos. But if u watch em theu can put out as good a product as any. I built my own smoker for around 200 over time and i love it..for my brinkman i put like 4 fire brick in the fb and laid a grill wok over it for my coal box worked good for 6 months then i got a new smoker
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    i think they powder coat smokers with the bbq paint thats why it flakes thats what i was told and read

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