Finishing Sauce for Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef Sticky' started by ultramag, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. ultramag

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    Glad to hear you liked it Chris. FYI, the pulled brisket with this sauce freezes and keeps very well doing like pulled pork. Must be the whiskey, it seems to get better with age. ;)
  2. pyre

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    I think I'll be doing a full brisket this weekend, if the weather gets a little nicer. I will definitely be trying out this sauce and I'll take lots of pictures.
  3. deejaydebi

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    Prye -

    As Sisaly Tyson said in the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes' ..."the secrets in the sauce!" Good luck!

  4. ranger72

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    really glad everyone seems to like the sauce!

    ranger72 :)

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  5. I just found this forum and Here's my 1st Post. I can't wait to try this finishing sauce as I've tried to use the wonderfully flavored drippings from my Briskets to make sauces but I've always found them Too smokey. I've tried to use the fat in Roux's, and added the watery dripping to bbq sauces with the same result, Too Smokey. But, I have to admit I like a Good smoke flavor in my meat.... Maybe, in small amounts it could work. I usually don't put any sauce on Brisket when it's recently cooked, Doesn't really need any thanks to my rub, But.... I've tried lots of sauces on Brisket leftovers and Burnt Ends , and the best taste I've found comes from Head Country. When I first tried it, out of the bottle, I thought it was.... too sweet, But when I added it to some dryer leftover Brisket, Wow, what a flavor enhancer. It's the best I've Tasted. Great Forum BTW, now I gotta go look at all those archives. Thanks, 2nd Hand.
  6. Hello 2nd Hand and welcome to the SMF! You might want to check out Jeff'e free 5-day smoking e-course since it is chock full of good info :D ! Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions and post pics :) . Daun
  7. Hello 2nd Hand and welcome to the SMF! You might want to check out Jeff'e free 5-day smoking e-course since it is chock full of good info :D ! Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions and post pics :) . Daun
  8. mrgrumpy

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    I tried to make some once. I foiled my brisket at 170*, and then cooked it to 200*. I had put a little apple juice on the brisket with some beef bouilon and a bit of instant coffee with it.

    After it was done, I poured the "juice" in a container and let it sit in the fridge for a bit to let the fat jell. I spooned it off, and then added some ketchup and worchestire sauce. It is simple and really good. The family loves it.

  9. brennan

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    Resurrecting a dead sticky...THIS SAUCE WAS AWESOME!!!

    I didn't have enough fat to render and my 3.5lb brisket left meager drippings if any, so I used a cup of beef broth. The sauce was fantastic on my brisket made with my homemade rub and sprayed with jack and lemon juice.
  10. What exactly is this "burnt ends" you all speak of, i think im going to do a big brisket this weekend (my first brisket by the way)
  11. gypsyseagod

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    the ends of a packer???? i use them or trim & sear some fatcap & add it to my pintos. or add to the aujus & thicken a bit w/ cornstarch for pulled brisket.
  12. bubba t

    bubba t Fire Starter

    Grumpy...does your sauce have a tomatoe tint to it?
  13. vraiblonde

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    Heh! You're my kind of guy! That sauce sounds fantastic and I'll try that next weekend.
  14. ronp

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    I just made it, yummy, I didn't have any bourbon, so used some vodka for some kick. I know the alcohol will go away, but everythig else. Threw in some burnt ends and simmered for an hour. Now for the Q. Has anyone pureed the onions and do you remove the burnt ends. And what about all that grease? Do you tighten it up with a binder like flour or corn starch? If not how will the sauce flow if using a squeeze bottle.

    I can see if you just add it to the brisket as is, it would work, but in a bottle?

    Thanks, again all.
  15. ptbrauch

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    In absence of bourbon, you might want to try some rum or something else.  Vodka's appeal in many cocktails is because its relatively flavorless.  Once you cook off the alcohol in vodka, there's not much flavor left. 
  16. This sounds fantastic! I've been wrapping my brisket in foil to finish and using the juices in the foil, but this might be even better.

    Thanks for the recipe.


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  17. oldschoolbbq

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    Ultramag,why in the world would you need with a finishing sauce with Brisket??? Does your Meat not sell itself??

    The only thing on my table is a little bit of condiments for those less informed![​IMG]

    The only thing on a Brisket I call ends are  the crumbs (from slicing the Flat) and add the the defatted,broken up  point.[​IMG][​IMG]You may want some juice on your sammie of this crunchy stuff,along with Red Onion and Dill Pickle slices on a Bun and some Pinto Beans with PP in them and a big ole Soda.Other than that,I'm fine[​IMG]

    Have fun and...[​IMG]

  18. smokinal

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    Just saw this post. Copied & printed for future use. Thanks Ranger.
  19. i pull the point and slic the flat i started that way and did not look back i love the point pulled and give the sliced sh-it to the ones that dont no good
  20. ranger72

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    Well, I'll Be!

    It looks like my contribution has been immortalized along with the other member's comments.

    Who woulda thought?[​IMG]

    Thanks, Dutch!


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