FInished Mod's to my WSM and smoked Beef Short Ribs

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  1. Hello every one in "WSM (WEBER SMOKEY MOUNTAIN) land!

    I posted some time ago about modifications to my WSM. Well I pimped my WSM out with custom made wood handles on the lid, which I made myself. I also put a side table on it, and a handle on the center section, and both were purchased from " BIG POPPA SMOKERS" from their drum smoker parts catalog. Along with a  lid hinge kit I purchased from "Unknown BBQ" on After all of those modifications I decided to put a "Cajun Bandit" stainless door with the "SouthCo" latch and a NOMEX gasket kit, and high air flow charcoal ring in the fire box, along with the larger water pan. Then I put some wheels on it. The wheels I purchased at my local Harbor Freight Tool store. The wheel are just some 3 in. universal castors. For the first cook since I finished the mod's I decided to smoke some beef short ribs, which are English cut from the chuck primal. For seasoning on the ribs I just used S.P.O.G. ( Salt, Pepper, Onion, Garlic). I cooked them at 265 degrees for about 5 hrs. Here are some pictures.


    P.S. I got hungry and ate 2 ribs on the way from the smoker to the kitchen. Yummmm!
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    The mods look great and so the ribs!

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    Looks tasty that door looks pretty impressive!
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  4. Thank you SmokinAl and b-one,

    I appreciate the comments. The mod's work great, and the ribs tasted really good too. Yum!!! Also I forgot to mention in the original post that I used Lazzari Mesquite hardwood lump charcoal and Hickory wood chunks to smoke my short ribs with. 
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