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  1. USED APPLIANCE DEALERS........I have a neighbor who I call McGyver. Man make me sick. Give him an idea and he will say give me a day or two. I think DaveOmak would be another, McGyver!!!!  ANYWAYS, John has a retirement supplement job, working for a guy who sells USED appliances. You all have seen these places. John got me an old General Electric fridge to build a smoker out of. Reading this forum, I think I will be asking John his thoughts on an electric heating coil for my smoker. HMMMM... You might even be able to get one of those Big Stainless Ones that they decide isn't worth fixin'.                                                                         Happy Smokin' Ya'll

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    Many people here have converted those into electric smokers.  Use the handy search bar and you should find enough reading to keep you busy for a while.
  3.  David.. I read in that sometimes there is a problem with electrical ones, that it really needs to be plugged in directly, do to power loss. My fridge/smoker is hooked inline to a 300 gal oval wood burning smoker that my Granddad built some 35 years ago. I am thinking about putting my fridge on a trailer and making it propane.  But Your Right... plenty of articles to help me there.                                                                                                                                          


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