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Discussion in 'Beef' started by tlhiv, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. tlhiv

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    I need some advise about smoking an eye of round roast. I have a 7.3lb eye of round roast that is about 12" (or so) long and about 4" (or so) in diameter. We usually crock pot our roasts, but I thought I would give it a try in the smoker. The roast appears to have a bit of fat in it, so this sounds good for the smoking as it should help with the dryness.

    Can anyone advise me onto how long a smoke this should be? It would seem that it shouldn't take nearly as long as a 7lb Boston Butt, say, (which seems to take me close to 2 hours per lb) since the diameters is much smaller. Again, this roast is long and slender. I think I would like to carry this to at least medium temperature (about 160F).

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  2. werdwolf

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    I don't know, but let's bump it up.
  3. tntxajun

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    I have done an eye of round numerous times and absolutely love it.
    Cook to 138-140 max for lightly rare. I use an aluminum drip pan
    to catch the juices. When temp is reached, I place the roast in the
    drip pan, cover with foil tightly and poke a few vent holes in the top.
    Place in a pre-warmed oven for about an hour. Keep oven off and let
    it rest. Take out of pan,, tent loosely for about 20 mins. Drain juices
    from pan into a dish and quickly cool in the fridge to let the fat
    come to the top for removal. Re-heat the fat free drippings and juices
    for some awesome gravy. Makes the finest meal and super sandwiches
    you have ever eaten. Forget the crock pot, or the grill and try this. It \
    is excellent. 5 star rating for double dang chure.

  4. smoke freak

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    That'll work. Sounds great. Id probably need to go a little past 140 to please some in my family though.
  5. tlhiv

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    What kind of smoke time are we looking at here? I mean, is this something that could be done in 3-4 hours, or is this an all-day smoke (like the butts and brisket)? It seems that because of the shape of the roast (i.e., long and slender) it shouldn't take nearly as long.
  6. kurtsara

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    We rubbed one last night and smoked it today (about 6 lbs) and it took about 3 and half hours, although I like it medium well.

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