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  1. OK , I promise to do my best with the smoking , pictures and the forum !

    Yesterday I finally could find some decent bone-in pork chops , not easy to find thick cuts around here...

    I've put them in a marinade for 24 hours : garlic , pineapple , fresh ground black pepper , white wine , oil , cajun herbs.

    Gave them a short 2 min grill each side and used hickory (hard to find here as well AND expensive) for the smoking

    Then the smoking after 20 minutes (I forgot to put some foil for the dripping) :

    Result on the plate after +/- 40 mins :

    Served with some kind of potato bombs : couldn't find big ones , so cut them in 2 and put the filling (bacon, onion, cheese, garlic and cream butter) as a layer :

    Now I hope I did my home work correct...


    P.S. : I got inspiration from BBQ pit boys.
  2. Hello FrankBE.  Homework or not looks like some pretty good food.  I now live in England and things like Pecan wood can be a bit pricey.  Is there not a wood the locals use to cook with?  From what LITTLE I know of Thailand I believe country folk use wood to cook.  It might only be good for heat and not taste, dunno.  You might be surprised with the taste.  Also I believe the farmers there do keep pigs from what I see on TV news and such; could you buy a whole pig from a farmer and have it cut the way you want it?  Just an idea and I may be full of cr*p.  Been told that more than once in my life[​IMG].  I know MANY things get tougher to source once out of the States.  Looks a good meal to me.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Hi Danny , no c**p about buying the whole pig , or part of it , I already thought about that also.

    2 reasons why I didn't : it's just the misses and me (and the freezer isn't that big) and more important foodsafety.

    Tropical country and country-butchering don't match very well.

    Also f.e. a big juicy bloody steak can have some risks inside.

    Anyway , I enjoy exploring and experimenting.

    Next will be a try-out with using  wood from local fruit trees (mango, coconut, palm, longun...)

    Locals use only charcoal for cooking on outdoor stoves , smoking isn't that popular here.

    But inventive... yes : Thai style smoker :


    A big water jar + an outdoor stove.

    I guess I'm totally off topic now.

    BTW : I used the leftover bones from the chops to flavor up a soup = [​IMG]
  4. Hello.  I can imagine your worries if you have to rely on the local farmer cutting your pig.  While looking on the net I did find this on our site.  May be of some use.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


  5. Thanks Danny [​IMG]

    I'll go to the chicken section now , new homework and trying to find my way around here .


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