ET-732 problems...please help

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  1. Hey guys. I need a little help. My maverick is a couple years old and when I went to get it going in some Canadian bacon this morning both units showed LLL. Rather than reading directions I just assumed they needed new batteries.

    The transmitter now reads temps and works as it should. The receiver portion still reads LLL. See below. Any thoughts in how to make this work.

    For now I will put the probes in the bbq and read the temps with my binoculars since it is damn cold in Wisconsin today. Any help would be appreciated since I would rather not buy a new one.
  2. Usually means the probe is bad.
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    since it's working on the transmitter now... I would take batteries out of the receiver.. let sit for a few minutes.. put batteries back in (new ones)... turn them both off now and try to sync them up again ... I would also racalibrate in boiling water to make sure there's no problems with ether probe.... When you do buy new probes step up to the new and improved Hybrid Probes...
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    Is there a reset button on either or both units?
  5. As said above do a hard shut down and see if that does anything.

    Happy smoken.

  6. Thanks for the help everybody. Listened to what everyone suggested with pulling batteries and it still didn't work. Put my Canadian bacons on with the working transistor. When all was done I tried putting the batteries back in the receiver and than it worked. I guess when it resets it needs more than 5 minutes.

    Thanks again for the help everybody. Once again the folks here show why this is my favorite site in the net.
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    You usually find that is caused by one the following reasons.

    The jack plug is not fully pushed into the unit.

    The jack plug is dirty.

    The jack plug or socket are slightly damp.

    First try addressing these

    The most likely cause though is damage to the junction between the probe and the flexible cable. This allows water in which shorts the probe. The only reliable fix for this is to replace the probe.

  8. Glad it is working now.

    Happy smoken.

  9. Glad you figured it out, Now just need some pictures of of it in use !

  10. The display will show LLL if the center of the meat is below32 degrees, once the temp is above 32 it will show the actual temp.
  11. What is the temp range supposed to be  (what do they advertise)

  12. The food temp range is 32 to572f.the bbq temp range is140 to 572
  13. There you go  

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    bluefrog & fellow forum members. 

      Reading this post I remembered that when ordering my ET-732, ordered a spare meat probe that I never used, but was curious what receiver would read with 2 meat probes instead of 1 of each. So the following test to see. When turned on with 1 of each BBQ temp showed LLL & meat temp 63F. With 2 meat probes each registered 63F & both rose when I put my hand over probe ends to warm them up. So you can use 2 meat probes to monitor 2 separate meat temps  or 1 of each in standard fashion.

      Will have to try this on my next smoke.

      A G K

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