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    Hi ... I'm new to all of this and already seeing a lot of good looking ideas, techniques, and recipes in books I've bought, on-line and via email from friends.  Even at this stage, I'm beginning to face the "Now WHERE was that mahogany sauce recipe I liked" problem, and looking for a way to computerize some personal index - without having to type or scan or copy and paste the full recipe into the program - so I can look up the word, for instance, "mahogany" and be reminded that the recipe I liked for it was in the book "Sauces You Will Like" at page 72.

    I have seen several references of Evernote here in the forum.  Is that the best way to go for what I want or are there other ideas I should consider?  If it matters, my "main" computer is Windows but I also have an iPad, and would prefer - if possible - to be able to access the information across platforms ... which I know Evernote DOES allow.


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    I use Evernote and really like it. I don't think it will do everything you asked for in your first paragraph but it will do some. There is an extension for it called "Webclipper" which is real nice because it will save complete webpages with just a click so you don't have to copy/paste. Also Evernote saves everything on a server so you can access it from any computer and never have to worry about losing anything.

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