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  1. Its been awhile since Iv been on here and honestly its been awhile since I have used my smoker for various reasons but Im back now and with the weather improving Iv decided its time to invest in a new smoker. Had an electric smoker like the brinkman but my dog chewed through the power cord and I cant find a replacement cord and after soldering it back together its just not getting up to temp. So that leads me to my question.

    Whats the best electric smoker that I can get for around $300-$350? I was leaning towards an mes40 but I know the gen 2 mes smokers have had issues when they first came out but have those issues been addressed and fixed by the company? What about the Cajun Injector XL? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Iv looked at that one before as well but was worried about the size of the heating element on the 1100 and the capacity. Do you have this smoker? If so how much does it hold in a load? Also is the smokin tex the same as the smokin it?
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    Hey this might solve your brinkman problem........ and save ya some beer money!

    Amazon "Brinkmann 812-3323-0 Smokeshop Electric Converter" I would have given ya the exact link but we don't link outside, also that silly Amazon has a 4 line script of code for the thread address.

    Check it out, I bet it will fix you right up. Its a pretty popular iten with people who are wanting to build their own electric smokers.

    If you want to thank me.... a rack of Dreamland's would more than suffice...>>LOL
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  4. My wife just started working there about two weeks ago. Not bad and probably the best in town. I was looking for a power cable with a reastat on it to control temps for awhile but all I could find was an old smokey one that I couldnt tell if it would fit my masterforge smoker. It was one of the removable one so I had hoped to be able to find a replacement originally.
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    To do a load takes something called money. Get a grip. The test seemed to be the best for the money on hand. Dont go changing the rules. It drives me crazy.
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    I've had my MES 40 for almost a year now. Bought it at Sam's for $299. Mine has worked flawlessly, but can't speak for all of them. But based on how mine has performed so far, I can recommend it for an electric.
  7. I think you lost me there.
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    Got to throw some praise at the Smokin it Model 1. Love mine. It works great, and looks an awful lot like the Smokin Tex that was linked above, just $300 is what I paid for it though. Check it out:
  9. I have a 30 inch MES and love it.

    Now to prevent your dog from a repeat performance, go get some steal wire wrap and use it on the cord to the smoker.
  10. I was looking at this one bu wasnt sure on the cooking space being large enough. I think for just me and the wife it wouldnt be bad but every once and awhile I throw a kickback at the house so I do need some additional room then. Whats the most youv had in there at once? any pics?
    Trust me its getting one this time around.
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    I would like to recommend that....... if you do look at a MES30, that you go ahead and look at the 40. It will hold  whole packer, a whole rack of ribs with out needing special attention to do such. I like my MES30, but I wish I had done the 40. Then for less than a hundred bucks I could have upgraded and been happy as Mr. BearCarver!
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    There is just 2 in my house, so the model 1 is great. Check my last few posts and you will see pics of the last couple of smokes I did with it. I would say its sized well for a family of 4. It sounds like you need more room, so the model 2 or 3 would probably be better for you. They seem to run about $100 more for each price jump, but you seriously will like the quality of it. good lick whichever way you go!
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    I agree with mtm29575. My MES 40 is giving me great results. I smoke meats,cheese, salt,garlic,peppers,jerky,etc. and they all turn out great with no fuss.
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  14. Are these the Gen 2 MES40 or Gen1?

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