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    Well......do yourself a favor before getting the MES and read all the postings about the issues the new generation MES is having. I personally would not own one....but that's me, others swear by them. Up close and personal in the store they are pretty flimsy IMO. I started with the MF propane and it was OK for a starter unit but needed lots of mods (again, use the search bar above) to compensate for heat and smoke loss especially up here in the windy, rainy PNW. I wound up eventually getting the Smokin' It #3 electric smoker which is pretty good for what I want it to do...set it & forget it. I have no time to baby a stick burner although I'm intrigued by them. Now, my latest 'want, need, gotta get' is a pellet smoker....to me, the best of both Worlds (?). Wood pellets fed by computer with a body very similar to a stick burner. Matter of fact, Lowes has the one I'm wanting at $449, about half the price of the competitors units and is getting pretty good reviews although some have had computer issues with it. Much bigger than the Traeger for half the price....I just have to pull the trigger. That's my 2 cents....

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    Thanks Chef Willie

    Thanks for the feedback I've heard the same about propane and I don't want to baby my food I like the option of setting it and forgetting it.

    Does MES stand for Masterbuilt Electric? I read great reviews on lowes website I'll have to search on this site to get a better idea.

    Thanks for all your help
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    No problem.....I almost bought one but missed a sale at Cabelas...now, glad I did. Yes, commonly known as a MES (masterbuilt electric smoker) and that is what you would type into the search for reviews and opinions. I found this one from Todd very informative when I considered buying one. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/133955/2012-mes-40-vs-old-model-mes-40
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    hey man!!  I have owned a "bullet" brinkman electric since 2007. The reviews are not so good. Me personally? I think the heating element is 1500 watts, not 800. Comes with water pan, and  the cost is 80 ?I did ribs on the top shelf last weekend, and had 2 couples come over for taste testing. 3 hours on the smoker, 1 hour @ 200F on the weber gas grill in foil wraps. How good was it????????? Ive been asked to cater a 20-30 person cow branding ina couple weeks. im with chef willie on  the flimsy 800 wt electric yer looking at. Now,  the gas deal  , I cant reply there.

    Im gussing, with gas you can adjust the temps and really getta great product on   the end. I also hava nuther back up propane tank, in case I run out on the main tank? But its one of   the 2 1/2 dinky tanks. I also use that little one for gas stove's

    hope this helps amigo. CHEERS !!!!!!!!!!
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    I was in the same boat as you. I decided on a gas smoker. Reasin being is i buy things that i will br able to work on and get parts easily. Propane smoker is not high tech and it takes hlthe same replacement parts as a grill. Hoses and knobs. Its really easy to adjust heat. Just like an oven with a rheostat. They are typically cheaper priced and also are able to produce a smoke ring.

    I looked at the masterforge and the home depot masterbuilt. I liked the door latches on the hd version better. Howevee youl have to modify the chip pan.

    Choice is yours and gas hose5s are probably easier to replace than a heating element or computer. I would imagine

  7. My first advice is do your research and get what you want the first time out.  I smoked on a gas grill for years, decided I wanted a dedicated smoker so I got a Smoke Vault 24.  I really like the Smoke Vault, easy to use, keeps a pretty steady temp, don't have to tend the fire except to add wood chunks, etc.  You do have to watch it a bit as temps fluctuate as the food gets warmer, chips get burning, stuff like that, so it's not quite as "set and forget" as electric.  On long smokes I have to get up and add wood every hour or so if I want to keep smoke.  So, I bit the bullet and bought a pellet smoker. Now, like Chef Willie said, the bests of both worlds, long smokes, great temp control.  They say the way you can tell the pellet smokers at a comp event is they are the ones who look rested, haha.  So, all something for you to consider in your decision.  I don't regret any of my decisions, I think there is a use and place for each tool.  I have, a gas grill, the Vault and now the pellet smoker.  It's like having the right tool for the right job .........
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    Check out the smoking-it brand electrics, built like a tank and have great reviews. After having to replace my MES I did the research and decided on the #3 for me.
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