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Discussion in 'Curing' started by smokeymose, Oct 2, 2016.

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    Not sure if this is the right place to to post, but then again I'm not right...
    I've been looking at dry curing for a while now and just don't have the space for a proper setup. Then I discovered UMAi bags!
    I started curing some Pancetta and Cappicola a couple of weeks ago, thinking I would do it in the fridge. Then yesterday at Target this just jumped out at me! ($89)
    Not very big but just my size.

    See you late November or so ☺️
  2. Dan, do you have the cured meats in UMAI bags?

    My understanding is that the UMAI bags should be used in a refrigerator which can maintain a consistent 34-38F temp and a dry environment although you should open and close the door regularly. A wine fridge is going to have high humidity and temperature (high 60's?)

    I have used a wine fridge to age and dry capicola and bresaola but I had them wrapped in cheesecloth (not UMAI bags) and kept a high humidity.

    Rick (Nepas) is and experienced user of the UMAI products and hopefully he will comment.
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    They are in UMAi bags, Pete. The temperature is at 47F and the humidity is around 72 relative. I don't remember anything in the instructions about fridge temps, but it seems conventional dry curing uses temps in the 50s to 60s with humidity in the 70s, so I thought it would be alright.

    I would gladly use cheesecloth instead of the bags if that would work.

    I also have the option of switching the meat to the mini-fridge I'm using for cheese and using the wine cooler for cheese.

    Thank you for the reply. I'll check it out further!

  4. smokeymose

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    OK, I've checked on the UMAi website and they highly recommend a full size frost free fridge or there might be "issues". I've moved my project to a full size unit at my work to finish it out. I intend to look into curing/drying in the wine cooler, though. The bags are pretty pricey and it's been done for hundreds of years without them....
  5. Smokeymose
    Have you used the wine fridge again yet?
  6. smokeymose

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    I've given up and just use it for storing/aging cheese, Bellaru. It's perfect for that. I realise now that actual dry curing old style is out of my range for a variety of reasons. I've done Pancetta and Capicola with the UMAi bags and they came out good. I'll stick with that :)


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