Double smoking ham...time!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by woopig, Dec 24, 2014.

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    Smoking a fully cooked ham that I picked up from my mom tonight..bigger ham than I thought....after triming it's probably around 12 long am I looking at in this thing? She wants to eat at noon. Looking like an early morning for me. How long do you think I need to plan to smoke them? I know to what temp, just trying to map out my time. Thanks!
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    You're basically just reheating the ham and adding smoke. So it all depends on the temp you ate running your smoker and really how much more smoke you want to add. You could do it in a hour, or take your time and smoke it for hours.
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    Try to talk to mom into eating a little later.  I'm putting a pre cooked, pre smoked spiral cut ham into my smoker at noon today with a planned sit down at 4pm.  Going 230* for 3 hours with cherry wood.

  4. I have a ham shank 9.5 lbs. that I put on at 7am.... I've kept the temp around 200° - 225° and at 1pm I'm at 142° according to the Maverick..........

    It all depends on how quick and how much smoke you want on it.... I didn't use any wood, just KBB today but it sure smells like I have wood chunks in there......Basted the ham with a glaze after I adhered a bunch of pineapple slices to it.......

    Merry Christmas......

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