Disapearing teriyaki flavor.

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    For some time I've been marinating, smoking and thin slicing pork loins and beef eye of round for sandwich meat. I use a vacuum tumbler with teriyaki sauce and apple juice for pork and teriyaki and beer for beef (also works great on chicken legs). The results have always been exceptional. I recently went to a reunion and wanted to take a bunch with me, so I did a huge batch then vac-u-sealed and froze about 3/4 of it. I froze it so it'd keep safer in the cooler for the long drive.

    After thawing and digging in, I as disappointed. Almost all of the teriyaki flame had disappeared! Same for some chicken legs I took. They were good and everybody loved the stuff, but it wasn't that it was before I froze it.

    When I got home there was still a couple piece of pork loft that I hadn't frozen and it still has a nice teriyaki flavor.

    Has anyone else experianced this? Is there a way to prevent it? Is this common with most flavorings?

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    I've never run into that, myself. All I can think of is to use a bit more marinade and longer time marinating to avoid the flavor loss in the future...that is, if you plan to freeze the product...if not freezing, continue with what worked in the past.


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