Digiq or pit master 120 smoking in the rain snow and neg 20 temps!!!!!

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    Ok guys I've been researching both these products a lot!! The web is full of Chevy vs ford kind of people!!! I hate it !! It seems like having an open mind is a thing of the past for most!!!also it should be mentioned that these fan boys are also the ones that have one issue with something and bammmmm .... It's time to write a Terrible review and bash that company on every dang forum possible!!! Also it's now required of them to buy the opposite Chevy/ford which they bashed with out ever owning one for the past two years and claim how they are the best now and every And any other option is a pile of crap lol this is a rant haha but I swear I'll get to my point !!

    Ok here it is ...

    I have a uds ... Keeps temps for as long as 16 1/2 plus hours ... Hmmmm with specs like that why would I drop 225 on a controller ... well.... I do concrete for a living in central mn.... So 6 months out of the year I ice fish drink beer and attempt to smoke meat when in neg 30 with the wind chill lol !!!! I also smoke a ton of meat in the rain !!! That's the reason my uds has all 90 elbows facing down or away lol ...
    With all that said I need a controller that can easily be protected from the elements ... This is where the pitmaster stands out !! One thing to cover !!! There link on the web site for making a water proof box is excellent !!! I would also be running hand warmers inside the box in the winter!!! I also like the food set option to drop smoker temp when food is close or done !!

    The Digiq seems to take the popularity trophy .. Seems to show up at competitions more .... Does this mean anything ??? I don't know ... But when people compete unless it's a sponsorship they generally use the best they can afford!!! The Digiq looks like a professional product !!! In my opinion the pitmaster looks like a cheap pile in comparison .... Then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder !!! That's a personal preference ... Having the fan directly mounted to to air intake does mean u will get more air flow to your coals!! This is a fact ... A bumpy pipe with bends plus added distance will affect velocity of the the air... Does this make the pitmaster worse??? I don't think so since it has a variable speed fan that claims to be very strong .. But will the 15 be more then a 10 fan at that distance through u bumpy bent pipe I doubt it! Equal maybe !

    Feature wise both these models seem to be very close.... Price is a 25 dollar difference so for me that doesn't matter ....

    So with all this said what do you guys think would be best for MY needs?? I get it you have had yours for 2 years and love it !! Haha I would like to know Y you would chose one over the other ... Features ... Past experience with one or the other ... I'd love to see what people say that have used / owned both ... Thanks guys
  2. russmn

    russmn Meat Mopper

    I should have mentioned we don't have to stick to these two brands lol Chevy/ford ... But if any other options are mentioned please be sure they have a food probe and pit probe .. Thanks

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