Did my first butts today with Q view

Discussion in 'Pork' started by schaydu, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Evening folks, after moths of preparation and looking for the right recipe i finally decided to tackle some butts. Needless to say this forum was very beneificial as i pulled bits of information from everywhere.

    Anyhow i rubbed them down with mustard and then injected them with cider vinegar and brown sugar mix. Put on a generous coating of my rub and wrapped them over night. I injected them again before they went on the smoker. I smoked them using pecan between 225-250. It took right at 9 hrs for them both to get 195. They were wrapped in foil at 165. After i pulled them off the smoker they i let them rest for an hour. I pulled them and used a finishing sauce. They were awesome and i was thrilled at the results!! If you want specifics just ask.

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  2. pops6927

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    Great post and pictorial!  Love your Kustum Rub Kan!  Now that's a Whole Lotta Love!  Thank you for the post; bet the sammies were good!
  3. Schaydu,

    I have the same thermometer as you.  I noticed that you have the wires wrapped in foil.  Any particular reason?
  4. Thanks Pops. That can works great! I couldnt find anything with big enough holes in it so i figured i would just make one haha

    Bubba, i read somewhere on here that wrapping the wire will help protect the wire from damage. It was just one of those easy preventative type things that i figured i would do. I dont know how well it works, but hey what can it hurt? haha
  5. eman

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    That's some good lookin pork.

    The foil wrap does protect the wires a bit. Also be sure and do not crimp them when closing the lid on the smoker.
  6. roadkill cafe

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    Good looking Q. Making me hungry!!!
  7. Those butts look Fantastic...Excellent Bark!!! Thanks for Sharing..[​IMG]
  8. raptor700

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  9. oldschoolbbq

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    Mmmmmm. They are looking fine from here , nice color and everything looks yummy[​IMG]

    Have fun and....
  10. big sexy

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    Nice bark on the butts
  11. so ms smoker

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    Looks like you got it figured out. They look great!

  12. scarbelly

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    Add me to this list too - congrats 
  13. jrod62

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    Great job on the PP Thumbs Up
  14. Thanks for the compliments everyone! cant wait to do it again
  15. Nice looking butts there! [​IMG]
  16. sunman76

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    [​IMG]  looks great thanks for posting it up!
  17. That's some great looking bark and I'll bet the PP was awesome!
  18. realtorterry

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    looks good from here

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