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  1. Had a nice day off today so I decided to smoke chicken thighs to make some pulled chicken. So I whipped up a batch of Chef JJ`s Bubba Chicken Rub, rubbed down the chicken, smoked at 275*-300* for 1.5 hours over apple and mesquite wood. The mesquite adds nice flavor and the apple mellows it out so it wasnt too strong . I shredded up the chicken and tossed it with some homemade KC style BBQ sauce.

    rubbed up ready for the smoke

    halfway through, looking good

    The taco with my buddy`s homemade apple slaw

    the shredded chicken

    it was so moist and delicious. the sweetness of the rub complimented the slight kick i added into the sauce. Thanks for checking out my post!
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    The chicken pulled after 1.5 hours cook time? Wow why did I spend my while day doing pork? Haha just kidding, looks great though, the slaw looks awesome too, any chance your buddy would be willing to share the recipe?
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    Looks great! Nice job!
  4. Thanks! i cooked it fast and me, I would much rather pull pork after having to pull 12 of these thighs 1 by 1 haha :grilling_smilie:

    Ask and you shall receive! The slaw recipe is just 4 cups of shredded cabbage, 2-3 carrots sliced thin and then cut into bit size peices, 1 jullienned green apple, half a red onion, equal parts olive oil and cider vinegar (enough to coat the veggies and apple) and salt and pepper to taste. Combine everything into a large bowl and toss until well mixed
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  5. Thanks!
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    Cool , [​IMG]  . Keep it coming . . . looks delicious .

    Have fun and . . .
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    Awesome thanks for the recipe itll be used shortly
  8. Thanks! This winter weather has been killing me! I was so happy to finally get outside and get something on the smoker.
  9. Let me know how you like it and I'll pass the word on to my buddy

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