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Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by mcclinj, Aug 10, 2013.

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    So it appears the old Kamado Dragonfire smoker had a gap in the seal between the vent and the vents housing open at the top. It opened up about 20 minutes after I put on a pork butt just shy of 8lbs. I had it cooking nicely at 210* or so and went back out to check about a half an hour later and the vent was gaped (peeling away from its housing) I closed all the vents.....tried super glue and tape, finally settled for a large brick to weight it down. 

    With all the air exposure, the temp had spiked to close to 400* for a maximum of 30 mins, I have it coming down now at around 280* or so. I know butts are fairly forgiving, but how is this likely to affect my cooking time? I flipped over the side that was closest to the fire when I made the "repair job"....doesn't look terrible, but appears to be further along than I would expect for 1 hour in. I was planning on eating around 7-8 tonight. 

  2. I would think it should work out fir you. I hsve temp spikes close to that some times. Just keeo sn eye on it. Keep the fat cap up and spinning it around once will help. Good luck. Q view please.

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