cutting meats how to ... does and donts

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  1. is there a thread on cutting meats....., ribs , chicken , brisket, pork, fats, others

    I know there is right and wrong way to cut food ,just wanted, know the proper and wrong way to cut meats. and what devices are the best  to use. Knifes straight curved Serrated , shears,{ pull fork things}

    If there is proper place to put this please do thanks

  2. Cutting ur own meats when bought in bulk or by the side/sides from a local farm is a very rewarding process...u decide what u want,u know it hasnt been injected with preserves or pre frozen like the grocerystores....... and the taste is like no other.Many different ways to cut depending on what u are buying i guess.....just a good ol hammered steel ....strait blade/or deboning will get the job done:) Not really sure of the question soooo many possible anwsers,regardless in the end u choose ur end product hope this helps.
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    pre frozen like the grocerystores
    I saw this mentioned before here. Is it a known fact or just an urban myth?
  4. Unfortunately tis true,Meat is shipped all throughout canada and the us,the use of preservitives is quite common.....and also refreezing.If u ever have a chance to compare chain boughten to local fresh meat,the taste color and texture is of night and day.
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    ****WARNING**** Graphic content

    If you're squeamish don't click on the link.

    If you want to watch a true artist harvest a cow for consumption then click away. Notice that he only uses two different knives, a hacksaw and a cleaver for the whole process. It takes him approximately 15 minutes to quarter a whole cow.


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