Custom Built Competition Smoker Grill on Full size Custom Trailer

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    Description: Trailer and Smoker Grill can be separated for relocating on a smaller trailer or permanently mounting in a smokehouse/covered shelter. Trailer is constructed with 3/16" angle and 2"x3" 1/4" angle triple framed tongue. Fenders are 14ga steel, sheared and press braked for strength, with 11ga front and rear step pads. It has a 2" A-frame hitch with custom made swing up jack with a 4" 360degree steel caster. Ample space in front section of trailer for spare tire, coolers, camping equip., addition of a park grill, etc.. Reserve space beside firebox for a 22" x 22" upright multi-tier smoker. Trailer is wired, has operating lights and blinkers. It incorporates a 24"w x 4'10"L wood storage area. Trailer has a 2000lb axel with correct trailer wheels and rims. Rides very smooth. Does not sway. Total width including fender wells is 80", which is no wider than your mirrors. Total length including tongue is 13'8".
    Description: Smoker Grill:
    The 22"w x 24' 1/2"L x 22"H firebox is constructed of 1/4" mild steel. The 1/4" wood loading entrance door and embers removal 1/4" bottom door are recessed 2" to keep water out. Firebox is welded to the cooking chamber by way of a mid mount 1/4" plate, that's punched with 3/4" holes, that rigidly mounts the rear of the smoker to the trailer, much like the motor in a pro stock drag car. The front of the grill is mounted this way as well. minimize excessive heat entering the cooking chamber. The removable cooking grate is 64"L x 26 1/2"W, 3/4 #9 expanded metal reinforced with small angle. The height from the cooking grate to top of inside lid is 12". This allows for another optional removable cooking tier above if needed.

    The side shelf is 10 1/2"W x 5'2"L. The 12ga roll-out removable full length grease pan with drain plug is 4'6"L x 23"W x 2 1/2"H, and has a 3/4" pull handle and glides easily with steel wheels on an angle iron track. The height of the cooking grate from the ground is a comfortable 36". The 1"sq x 11ga one piece tube handle

    The smoker has a single level reverse flow cooking chamber with a 3" adjustable gauge (50 to 550 degrees). It has a high heat dispertion plate to operates the 90lb counter weighted 12ga lid with only 26lbs of effort. Continuous hinge pin can be pushed out to remove the entire top lid if needed. Lid also has a floating adjustable heavy duty stop rod. Visors on lid and the recessed firebox door keeps water out, which allows you to keep cooking if it rains.

    Entire smoker grill and trailer were industrial white blasted to remove all scale, to allow complete adhesion of 2 coats of rustoleum 1200 degree high heat grill paint. All doors, lids and slide outs have implement pins to keep them from opening during transit. This grill was 8 months in the making. Lots of are a lot of smokers with less features that are more money, so please, no low ballers. THE ONLY REASON I AM SELLING THIS BEAUTY , IS TO BUY ANOTHER PIECE OF MACHINERY. time, tlc and research went into the building of this cooker. Kept inside of a metal building, never left outside. Towed less than 40 miles since new. Total height from ground to top of the smoke stack is only 6' 5", which will easily go into any garage. I've listed most of the bells and whistles, but there are still more features. This is a must have. There Can email more pictures if needed.

    This smoker is a "True Whole Hog Smoker". Perfect for catering, BBQ competitions, events, groups or for your backyard cooking. Can email more pictures. For more info call: 478-595-2605 


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