Custom Backwoods Professional Clone

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    This is a Custom built Backwoods Clone.  Cooks GREAT!!  Has 1/4" steel plate for bottom of the firebox and the bottom of the water pan heat transfer plate.  Everything else is 1/8" steel. Has over 50 sq feet of cooking grate area.  Can cook 45- 8# Boston Butts or 60 racks of ribs.  20# of charcoal will cook for 14 hours at 275 degrees so it is very efficient.  1 1/2" insulated walls through out.  This cooker is built very well.  Water pan has built in drain.  Set up to run on a BBQ Guru with 1- 25cfm fan. It is painted black with high temp ceramic paint. Firebox has a Nomex gasket.  Cook chamber has a Silicone bulb gasket. Unit has a TelTru Thermometer. A steal at $6900.00 
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