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  1. Hey everyone. Got a question about curing. Usually I make a sopresatta style patty 70% deer 30% pork. They go pretty quick. This year I got two deer, so I plan on making the same recipe but in links. Is there any special curing guidelines for venison or just follow the regular #1 formula.
  2. Just limit the cure #1 to .25% It doesn't care what kind of meat is in the sausage.
  3. As said above just fallow the directions on the package. The cure doesn't know what you are putting it on.

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    it really depends on how your going to cook them.... no cure is needed for "fresh sausage" (grilled, fried, or otherwise cooked hot).... Cure #1 is only needed for low temperature smoked / cooked sausage ....
  5. Well I know prep wise I'll need cure. He answered my actual questions. There's nothing special about curing venison. Thanks though

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