Crispy chicken skin after rest period?

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  1. I haven't been able to find a definitive answer to this so I'm hoping for some help.  I'm able to achieve a great tasting smoked chicken with nice crispy skin.  The question that I have is how do you maintain a crispy skin while allowing a rest period after removing from the smoker?  To me there are three options.  1) Serve chicken immediately after removing  and don't worry about the rest period.  2) Do not wrap in foil for the rest period.  3) Wrap in foil to allow for a good rest with redistribution of juices and accept rubbery skin.  What is the right answer to this? 
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    The bird only needs 15 minutes on the counter no foil is needed. If for any reason you need more time, simply tent with foil, loosely. Lay the foil over the breast. This technique will buy you another 15 minutes without steaming the skin soft. Beyond 30 minutes you will have to foil and go in the cooler. You sacrafice the skin, or only smoke it until the breast IT hits 150°F. Foil and cooler it then 30 minutes before service, finish on a screaming grill with indirect heat or in a 425°F Oven until the IT hits 165° and the skin is crisp again. Wait 10-15 minutes to rest and serve...JJ
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  3. Thanks for that advice JJ! That's what I determined made most since to me, but I just needed confirmation. I appreciate your help!
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