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  1. I have a Smokey Hollow is there any way I can get temp below 70 for cold smoking. I'm really wanting to do some Loks.
    The other is what is the purpose of foil wrapping the product after reaching IT?
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    I have heard of people using frozen water bottles and putting them into the cook chamber to keep it down in temp. Also they us an AMNPS to generate enough smoke and very little heat. I have seen setup's where they have used a soldering iron and a can with wood chips as well. Here is a link to me First Cheese Smoke and there are good ways and bad way to do the soldering iron method. Mine was a very epic fail as you will see.

    Wrapping and foiling of the product when the product reaches the final cook temp is to allow it to rest. It is felt the meat will relax and allow the juices to redistribute back into the meat. It is also felt that the meat will relax and when cut it will not "bleed/release it juices" all over the cutting board. I feel both are true and I also allow the carry over cooking process to finish the cooking. Carry over cooking is the process of the temperature of the outside and inside of the meat balancing each other out. So wrapping will help direct the temperature energy towards the product and not out into the great wide open air.The carry over cooking will increase the IT of your product anywhere from 5-15 degrees depending on how it was handled and stored. So counting on carry over cooking I will pull my PP at 190-195 and let rest for about 1hr before pulling. I feel like I get a better texture of the product in the end. Yes the bone still pulls out cleanly after the rest and carry over cooking finishes the cooking.....

    Hope this helps. If I can help with anything just ask.....

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