"Cooking" the liquid out of beans.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inkjunkie, Sep 12, 2015.

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    Just read on a Facebook group about cooking the liquid out of beans. Fellow stated that he cooks the beans, directly on a BGE, at 300*. He said that by cooking the liquid out, replacing it with more liquid and repeating that it concentrates the the flavor. Any truth to this?
    Growing up back East B & M beans were pretty much all I ever ate. We were asked to bring some beans to a birthday party so I had to go get some beans. Was in Cash and Carry and seen that they had B & M beans. Have not had these since 1991 or so. Like the flavor WAY more than Bush beans...but they are very juicy.

    So is the cooking the liquid out how to deal with this? If so, can I take my no beans out of the crock pot and put them in the Dutch oven on the Egg to "dry"them out? Or is there another alternative?
    Thanks in advance for any/all input...
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    Cooking the liquid down known as reducing would concentrate the flavor,but adding more liquid unless it's flavored would seem to just water it down. As far as I know at least! Maybe cooking dry beans it could be the case? I just use pre cooked jars of plain great northern beans and add what we like to them.
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    That sounds like a situation where his Grandma did it because over the long bake time, 6+ hours for Scratch Beans, the Covered Bean Pot loses moisture , now she added more water and cooked it Uncovered for 2-3 hours more, until the beans were tender and the sauce reduced to the desired thickness... She passed this recipe and method on to his Mom and Mom on to him...But...Somewhere along the line the real reason to add more water got lost and he thinks this gets a more concentrated flavor. 

    Think of it this way...If you dump a can of Coke in a pot and cook it down to 1Tbs of Syrup...Then add " 12oz of Water " and cook it down again to 1Tbs of Syrup...Do you get a Double Strength Syrup?

    Now, take the pot and add a can of Coke. You cook that down to 1Tbs of syrup... Add " another can of Coke " and cook it down again until you have 1Tbs of syrup...Now you got double strength Cola Syrup. 

    I too grew up eating nothing but B & M Baked beans from a jar, doctored up with Bacon, Onion, Ketchup, Mustard and Brown Sugar. Mom added her ingredients and simmered to thicken and meld the flavors. Yes the beans were REALLY soft but tasted great.

    My MIL, born and bred in Boston, had her mother's Bean Pot and only made beans from Dry Navy Beans soaked over night, simmered until the skins softened, she drained them and baked layered with Salt Pork, Onions, Mustard Powder, Molasses and fresh water to cover.

    You have a choice...You can take the B & M Beans, as is, add what you wish and Smoke/Bake to the thickness you want, uncovered, on the Egg. They will be really soft but will be the thickness you want and have a more intense concentrated flavor.

    If you want a quick cook, maintaining what texture the beans have and your flavors added...Strain off most of the liquid, add what you want and just Smoke until heated through and the flavors combined...JJ 
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  4. inkjunkie

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    Thanks JJ. Should have known this, I had 5 Saltwater fish tanks at once. Water evaporates, salt stays behind.
    Took about an hour on the Egg at 280* or so. Thickened up quite a bit, beans did indeed get a bit softer but are from mushy.
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    Dang, now my mouth is watering for beans! 
  6. inkjunkie

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    There is a VERY simple solution to this Sir...
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    Agree with what ChefJimmyJ said. I'd have to add, dump the bean water/juice out and add bourbon. Much better. LOL.
  8. inkjunkie

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    Damn...came home with no beans....

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