Clean fire with a BBQ Guru??

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by smokenashes, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone! I've been an "honorary" member for a while watching posts from the sideline. Today I officially joined the forum! i have a question and was hoping for a little help. i have a Horizon 16-inch Backyard classic smoker with an offset firebox. I attached a BBQ Guru to help with maintaing temps. On my last smoke i noticed considerably more "thin" white smoke than before. Usually my smoke is thin blue except for when i add more fuel. Is this typical when using a computer controlled thermostat? i assume the control of the airflow to the fire is the culprit. I can posts pics when i get home of where i have the guru attached if that helps. is this the price to pay for convenience? The food still tasted awesome so i dont think it was any creosote but thoguth i would pose the question to the forum. Thanks
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    I've used my guru, pitmaster ..doesn't matter which stoker and don't notice anything different.

    You're burning more efficiently by keeping steady temps. You're getting good Q so its allgood!
  3. Ok, thanks for the input. Much appreciated!

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