Chuck Eye steaks on the Mini Akorn

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mossymo, Apr 5, 2014.

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    Picked up a CharGriller Mini Akorn a.k.a. Little Red Kamando on clearance from Menards thinking it would be a nice size grill for camping. Did a dry test run on it to play with temps and were real happy with how it performed, it is very tight and closed down it smothers the smoldering lump efficiently to save for the next cook.

    Gave the steaks a light drizzle of some garlic flavored extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with Tatonka Dust.


    Cold smoked the steaks on Grill Mats for an hour and a half with whiskey barrel pellets in the Yoder using the tube smoker.


    Fired up the Mini Akorn using Royal Oak lump.


    Grilled the steaks to an internal temp of 135º and then let them rest.


    Tatonka Dust seasoned Chuck Eye plated with 9 Hour Burgundy Mushrooms, garlic toast and a twice baked potato topped with sour cream.


    MMMmmm... excellent!

    Thanks for looking!
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Steaks Look great! And that's a cute little cooker!
  3. noboundaries

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    Wow, that looks AMAZING!  [​IMG]Chuck eye steaks are one of my favorite cuts of meat because they are so tender and juicy.  Used to be able to get them cheap then I think the word got out.  Now I see them as almost as expensive as ribeyes!
  4. definitely cant go wrong with the chuckeyes. and yes i'd agree the word definitely did get out about them because theyre not priced like they used to be. mini ribeyes. lol. 

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