Chuck Eye Steaks and Mango Mango Shrimp

Discussion in 'Beef' started by tatonka3a2, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. tatonka3a2

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    Menu was some nice chuck eye steaks, shrimp, and some cheat frozen potatoes.

    Chuck Eyes - before going on the grill they were seasoned with Tatonka Dust. Cold smoked the steaks for an hour using charcoal pellets in the AMNTS with the Yoder set to 150°.

    Got the shrimp ready while the steaks were smoking. Cleaned them up and then added them to a ziplock with some Mango Mango Preserves (dang Shark Tank TV show had me hooked and I had to order). They set in the preserves for about 90 mins before they went on to the grill.

    Used a cheat on the potatoes - added some minced garlic, butter, and some BPS Desert Gold seasoning to them.

    Just before going on the grill I hit the shrimp with some Everglades Catus Heat seasoning. As the shrimp were cooking, I did a quick sear on the steaks to get them up to temp.

    Hot of the grill!

    Plated. Best shrimp to date - would highly recommend the Mango Mango!! Steaks came out a perfect medium rare and were incredibly tender and flavorful! Will be buying more Chuck Eyes in the future!!

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    You sure do know how to make a great meal!!  Chuck eye's are my favorite steak. They are part of the rib eye as it enters the chuck. Usualy almost half the price of rib eye's.  Love that money shot- perfect. Reinhard

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