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  1. New to the group, but not smoking.

    Have built three smokers.

    1 - 500 gallon off set counter flow.

    2 - 250 gallon off set that is being rebuilt into a counter flow.

    3 - 60 gallon off set counter flow.

    Live in New Hampshire and cook outside 9 out 10 days yearound.

    30 years in the propane business, currently work in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry.

    Have an outdoor covered patio with a home built wok cooker using a high pressure turkey fryer burner, a salvaged 24 x 30 flat top griddle mounted on a salvaged deli cart, Weber gas grill and seven Weber kettle grills, one of which has been converted into pizza cooker ( my version of a Kettle Pizza Kit) that will hit 1000 degrees.

    Happy to converse and share my ideas on building smokers or any other cooking gear.
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    Welcome to the group!  Glad to have you here.  I'd like to see that 1000 degree pizza cooker kettle. I've got one waiting to be modified.



    I had some salvaged kitchen trolleys made of stainless steel and made my own version of the unit in the link above. I did buy their tombstone shaped stone and modified the rear basket but it is basically the same. I will post some photos soon. Best pizza yet at home, 3 to 5 minute cook times and great smoke flavor.

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    Crazy list of equipment! can't wait to see all that stuff in action!

  5. mike5051

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    Thanks for the link Shaun,  I'm ordering one tomorrow!
  6. Mike,

    The Serious Eats version has the addition of a top plate. I didn't make one but will be as the stone gets so hot it cooks faster than the top of the pizza. "Dooming" the pizza helps but the top plate should hold the top heat down.


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