Chicken Italian sausage .

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by chopsaw, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. chopsaw

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    I've been  trying my hand at sausage making for a few years now . Had some good results with the traditional recipes ( pork ) . I wanted to try a chicken sausage .  So I saved trimmings and some skin , and added some breast meat . Decided on Italian . I had 3 lbs of meat . Used my formula for 5 lbs ( when I use pork ) but lowered the salt and raised the amount of fennel and anise . Added olive oil for some fat . Rested in the fridge for 2 days . I let 2 dry to room temp today , then put them on a Weber kettle for a test . I really expected failure , but ended up with awesome . Very happy with the result . The look on my kids faces told the story , and made the effort worth it . 
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    You asked for it........................

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    Good job on the sausage!! If the kids like them you've won. Did you use any binder like soy protein or powdered milk?
  4. chopsaw

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    No I didn't . I wanted to see the results without first . Maybe the olive oil served the same purpose ?  

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