Cheapest meat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smoknpi, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. I was wondering if there is a meat that is inexpensive some of you may have smoked that will tender up and turn out pretty good? I thought this would be a fun project for a weekend when not much is going on!
  2. worktogthr

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    Pork butt is cheap and forgiving!
  3. Road kill would be "cheap". I've never tried it...........and wouldn't advise trying it either. [​IMG]It may have aged to long.
  4. Yeah, I've smoked a few butts and they turned out good. I was thinking of maybe a tougher cut of meat that is cheap and would tender up after a while on the smoker. I guess I was thinking about the challenge. Not that I really need a huge challenge yet!! 
  5. Whole chickens are pretty cheap as well but i agree butts are cheap and good, they just take a long time.....But if you want cheap dont even look at the beef, Unless you find something on sale, beef is not a cheap meat for pretty much any cut 
  6. I have a few butts in the freezer. I think that will work for the weekend!
  7. smokin phil

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    If you can find a packer brisket for a reasonable price, that's an option. It's still gonna cost more than most pork though. And it's a bit more of a challenge than butts. There's always pork loin too. I can get that here for $2/lb. Not much of a challenge, but good. Just watch your temps. It's not far from done to dry. Chicken is cheap, and again, a bit more of a challenge than pork butts, but still not too hard.
  8. Thanks a bunch for the info! 
  9. concordeer

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    Chuck Roasts, Cornish Hens , and Boston Butts and three fantastic meats for less than $10.
  10. Chuck roast, nice! That could be fun. Would you sear the roast first and smoke it slow or would you do anything special to it? 
  11. a chuckie is very versatile you could sear it first if you like i havent done so... you can make pulled beef, faux burnt ends (which i love), or slice if you like. season how ever you like and its likely to come out good 
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  14. Looks like I'll be going to the store for some Chuck roast! Ill post some pics after I try it!
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    Exactly---Boneless Pork Loin is the Cheapest Good Meat around, without feathers!!!

    Only thing around here that's always less than $2 a pound.

    Take it over 145°, but try to stay under 150° but definitely no more than 155°.

    Or cure it for Canadian Bacon!!

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  16. halfsmoked

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    Bought boneless whole pork lion at Sams for $1.88 lb last week can't buy chicken here for that.  Eggs have gone high because of  the virus that caused them to kill off all the layers in the Midwest. Turkey is going to be high for the same reason this year.
  17. So glad I found this forum! Good information! You guys have cut the time spent learning the hard way, way down I'm sure!
  18. halfsmoked

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    Found boneless hold pork loin for $1.68 at Sam's Club this week (10/9/15) that's a lot of meat cheap. If you haven' read Bearcarvers Canada bacon now is the time to read and try it with lions this cheap.

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