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  1. I am having a reverse flow smoker made. I would like the builder to include a slide out charcoal basket but I don't have a design. Could some of you builders show me an example of your charcoal baskets so ipthat I can give him some ideas. Thanks
  2. Here is a pic I swiped off here.  I think this is what I'm going to build my charcoal/wood box like. I like the perforated bottom to keep the oxygen flow to the bottom of the fire.  The box can removed to add charcoal.wood and to scoop the ash out of the bottom of the box...

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    Hi Va

    What part of Va ? I'm located in Aldie. I just have a few finishing touches on my build but i couldn't wait so i've started smoking already. I am also contemplating about putting together a charcoal basket. A friend has suggested using charcoal to make it easier. since been using straight oak logs for the past month and man is it a lot of work.
  4. I'm in Woodbridge. I found a guy in Aberdeen, MD who is building the smoker but he has never done a charcoal basket. I didn't think the idea was that foreign but he wanted to see a pic to make sure he was building it correctly. Going to be a trailer mounted, 120 gallon reverse flow. What size are you building?
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    Funny i have a 100Gal on a trailer. I still need to Weld 2 more racks, handles and then paint.[​IMG]
  6. You're off to a good start. I don't have the welding skill set so I out sourced it. Plan on taking a class at NOVA in the fall.

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