Cast Iron chip box

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  1. Could I get some opinions on these? I heard they take a long time to heat up, can i pre heat it in the oven to cut back time, or should I think about changing the box? Thanks, Avery.
  2. Yes they do take a long time to heat up. Yes you can pre heat them. Just preheat it in the smoker. In the oven is gonna stink up your house (even though there's no chips) and oven mitts don't beat the heat!

    So for wood go buy Chunks put one or two in there. Home Depot has been carrying 20# bags. A chunk should be 2"-3". These will get ya the good smoke!
  3. Thanks a lot Dirtsailor2003, I have a propane smoker so I was just looking for a way to pre heat the chip box without wasting propane lol.
  4. blacklab

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    lol good luck with that [​IMG]

    yeah as your pre heating the smoker leave the box.
  5. sqwib

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    If you are worried about loosing a little bit of propane, start cooking your food as soon as you fire up the smoker.

    The heavy Cast Iron chip boxes take a few minutes to get hot, mine is a few inches above the flame and heats fairly quickly.

  6. Thanks SQWIB, I think we have the same smoker, I'm going to try some ribs right now and see how they turn out.

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