Cartaboshi - offal sausage

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    Cartaboshi is a cooked offal sausage...cousin to haggis, boudin and kishka but better than all (together). :)

    There are three versions: with rice, with coarse ground corn and blood sausage. I will cover the first two.

    This is another one of the meats I grew up with. Done on the day the pig was slaughtered, always winter time, served soon after (organs dishes don't keep long) unless smoked.

    Started with pig heart, liver and kidney. Spleen is good too - didn't have any. Some people use lungs as well. I don't.

    Other odd items are welcomed
    I used the tail for jelly (terrine). I wish I didn't. I could have called this "nose to tail".

    I had a lot of liver, so I picked up another heart, and more kidneys from the store.
    All these go in a big pot with boilibg water...for a long time.

    Once cooked they are very dry so I need lubrication. Back fat

    After rendering you get this almost illegal stuff

    And nice golden fat

    Chopped onion was sauteed in the just rendered fat.

    Organs are cooked

    They go thru the grinder, then added spices: thyme, allspice, salt, pepper.

    Now we split the mix in two: one for rice

    One for cornmeal


    The cornmeal version is stuffed traditionally in pig bladder or stomach. I used beef middles

    I poached them for a few minutes. Had a few blowouts.
    Rice sausage


    About 12lbs in total.
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  2. Looks  ?????

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    AS, They look delicious,nice job on a product that a lot of folks don't make (including me  [​IMG])  .[​IMG]  
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    Rice served cold with horseradish
  5. Nice ,   I'd try it

  6. Interesting!

    Happy smoken.

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    You spelled 'awful" wrong!!![​IMG]   
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    Forgot to say I added ground fried fat to the stuffing - it felt dry when I was mixing it.
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    Yeah but.... it's "offal good".... [​IMG]
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    After 12h in the cold room
  11. Looking better and better !!!

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    This is the cornmeal version stuffed in beef middles; best after a short roasting

    Perfect with pickles

    Thank you for looking.

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